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    AMD replace kext for Yosemite

  2. itisme754

    USB-Fix for El Capitan

    The dowload page seems down.
  3. The problem I stated happens only when your PC goes to sleep mode and wakes back up, on version F3. If you disabled sleep mode or you're using F2, you're safe.
  4. Hey man I know why! I have the same motherboard and had the same problem: it's not mac sierra's fault, it's the motherboard. It burned my CPU on windows 10. The problem is that the latest BIOS version is broken (F3), when you go to sleep and turn your computer back on, the CPU fan just stops spinning (or spins very slowly), slowly killing your processor. The solution is to downgrade your BIOS to version F2 or get the F4 beta.
  5. I did a little bit more research on the siri problems, those are the errors preventing it from working: What seems like the main error:
  6. Successfully booted 10.12.1 with this kernel... Great job! Everything seems to be working fine, except Siri (my microphone is 100% functional so it's not the problem). It's stuck like that, pressing the mic does nothing.
  7. I can test new kernels for 10.12.1, concerning the com.apple.xpc loop errors.
  8. Did you get it to work on 10.12.1 with those steps?
  9. Did you merge the framework files from bronya with the old ones or did you replace?
  10. Hey man I just tried that but it didn't change much Thanks anyway
  11. When booting from a usb with bronya's first kernel, I get this error (it keeps looping) Any idea how to fix it? Thanks
  12. Nice find man! This looks to be the error behind the icon bug. Hope it helps the other make a working kernel.