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  1. Hi guys, if i remember correct the corecypto kp is because of ssse3 and not sse4.1 according to Netkas,did you tested your kernels to an unsupported intel? (56nm)
  2. so far everything seem to work fine very nice Shanee also ssh problem is fixed with this kernel.
  3. USB problem,apple uses new usb policies since 10.11 search this forums for fixes according to your hardware (drivers) or try every usb port you have for a working mouse (That will help you to finish installation but in the end you 'll have to fix usb ports by yourself either by using smbios+drivers or DSDT)
  4. It won't make any difference,it's either the kernel or the cpu that causing the problem, so if it won't work on intel with amd kernel we need new kernel patch(es) , if it work we need again new kernel patches to fix the problem on amd cpus --->New kernel. Anyway i used a friends pc to test ssh on intel, i don't have one, but i may convince him to test what you suggest.
  5. Since it's working on Intel it's CPU/Kernel issue, if you manage to dtrace the exception you have to fix this on the kernel (if it's fixable because we are using patched kernels for amd ) .Wait for new sources to be released and new kernels or you can experiment with vanilla kexts/frameworks or older versions of apple ssh maybe you 'll get lucky.
  6. sFTP works fine btw, both winscp and my android phone can access my Sierra files without any problem,maybe it's ssh or samba problem, i know that Microsoft updated their samba last march but i didn't had any problem with el capitan. tested on Intel hackintosh 10.12.2 ssh works without any freezing or restart.Maybe kernel,System.kext or frameworks i'm using all from Bronya's package.
  7. Just tested and i'm having the same problem with my rtl8169 card, network connects but when i'm trying to access my windows pc system freezes and restarts.
  8. Spakk, Apple say that 10.12 needs sse4.1 but all the intel supported cpus also support native ssse3, old amd don't.netkas said on this topic that the corecrypto KP was part of the ssse3 instructions and that the emu is not supporting kernel modules so ssse3 is still needed for some kexts.I don't know how openemu really works but it seems that in this case you have to find a way to use double emulation ssse3 to sse3 and sse4.1 to sse3 or sse4a.If the emu is not supporting kernel modules,you will need patched kexts or a new emulator.
  9. did you merged/replaced the frameworks and then you forgot to repair permissions on the USB?
  10. Fix your GPU it says 7MB vga,driver not injected or loaded,i'm on 10.12.2 and there is no glitch at all,i have green icons ONLY in safe mode where there is low resolution graphics.
  11. remove pmtelemetry use Bronya's System.kext and you 'll have no symbols error.
  12. You can build prelinkedkernel from el capitan using kextcache -update-volume command,Kext Wizard or even touch command but it won't work for you because you have kexts that causing errors, you have to find out first which kexts don't link remove them and replace them with the vanilla apple kexts then use sudo kextcache -update-volume /Volumes/yourSierraDiskNAme and reboot. see my post here #197 you can also use GenericUSBXHCI.kext if you still have USB 3.0 problems those kexts are linking ok.
  13. Again, yes on El Capitan and Sierra there are no caches on S/L/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/startup, that kextcache file is symlinked to the prelinkedkernel file,if you delete prelinkedkernel and reset the pc immediately the only way to boot is with Enoch -f or UseKernelCache=No so there is a no-caches boot,if you use Clover you will get instant reboot because Clover needs the prelinkedkernel file a.k.a kextcache,safeboot is a no-caches mode also have you tried to boot into safe mode (-x) using Clover?
  14. Don't get confused, it's NOT Sierra it's Clover, Enoch can boot Sierra without caches Clover can Not.Same thing was on El Capitan, Yosemite at least for AMD hacks, dunno about Intel.One of the disadvantages clover has Vs Enoch.
  15. Clover needs a functional prelinkedkernel to boot, if you use -f or UsekernelCache=No to boot with Enoch that will not work with clover at least with AMD hackintosh, boot with enoch repair caches from terminal make sure that you have a prelinked kernel without errors and then reboot with Clover.