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  1. Tested it. Same errors still. Hers what im getting exactly. Hope it helps. http://i.imgur.com/DbnW6gq.png
  2. Regarding my previous post about the opcode errors and getting invalid kernel ip, with this kernel I am only getting the opcode errors. Seems like it doesnt recognize my cpu for w/e reason. only have FakeSMC and NullPower kexts in my extras folder.
  3. Not yet. Just saw it. will test it later and report back. Did notice however some of the kexts I had were quite old. Which baffled me, but w/e I updated those and edited some boot flags in chameleon bootlist.should hopefully at least boot now.
  4. I am getting these errors even with the kernel you provided yesterday. Was this a kext issue?
  5. Du'Islingr

    HELP TOPIC - [AMD] OS X El Capitan (10.11)

    For your information, Yosemite currently runs pretty well in vmware on my current hardware. From what I hear from my friends who do run el capitan on their intel processors(in vmware) its a very good improvement in performance. As much as I would like a real mac, I can't afford them at this time.You also kinda state the obvious here. Ofc I need mac for mac specific things, cause windows can't do them, otherwise I would not even bother. With that aside I do plan to run OSX off of my real hardware eventually. I just need to get some new drives first before I do that because frankly I hate partitioning. Too much of a pain trying to make Windows and OSX play nice on the same drive.
  6. Other than the noted graphical issues with the current kernels. Can I expect 10.11.2 to run smoothly via VMWare with my current hardware? Kinda in a personal predicament where I would like to have as minimal problems as possible without relying on internet research to bail me out. So to speak Basically internet access is limited so yeah. I would be willing to test FX kernels when I can though.