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Virtue Desktop

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umm, spaces ripped virtue off actually heheh, ive been using this since um march i think

Whoever ripped off who? Don't care :robot:

I'm just glad that there are great program like these. Works really well with 10.4.8.RC1.Kiko (ty, Kiko).

One would need CI/QE/OG for all the eye candy available.


EDIT: I think this is in wrong forum. There are better ones like Application, etc...

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arr this app just pissme off...im using autoamtor actions to resize multiple tiff's via photoshop and always when CS2 opens a tiff-image window appear on the current active desktop...so when im just writing this note-it's covering 3/4 of my browser window! argh.

so i went to the options to set photoshop aplication stay on."desk 3"-{censored}! every opened tiff image has it's own window name, so it is impossible to set CS2 stay always on desk 3...ahh am i wrong?

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