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  1. Hiro_

    KALYWAY 10.5.2

    Hi community i'm have problems with KALYWAY 10.5.2 with my Asus P4S800MX-SE in the installation, therefore the installation not find my sata hard drive. Someone has idea as i can fix this?
  2. Thanks all, i replaced the IONetworkingFamily.kext from beta dvd and works
  3. Doesn't work for me man in this case, i thanks by the help and i wait more opinions.
  4. I take some pics for better explain.
  5. Hi, i'm with the same problem than you was, my nick seems detected but i'm not able to connect to internet, how you solved this? You replaced the IONetworkingFamily.kext by what file?
  6. Hi people, i've some extensions than making my OS working perfectly, so i was thinking if i can insert into DVD of the Jas to do it works perfectly since the start of the install. Are extensions for enable UDMA (more important for me, because the install is very, very, slow) and CMI8738. So it's possible?
  7. Hey nobody never did this?
  8. Not works, i try this but after the process the disc burned, does not boot again.
  9. Ok thanks man, i go try today.
  10. Hi all, i've some modify kext files than making my osx86 work fully supported, but all time than i've than install the system i've than once again edit all kext to leave my system working fine. So i've a doubt, thought i can add my modifyed kext files to my .iso or .dmg files, for than in the boot the system already load thats kexts and making my installation run more fast.
  11. Hiro_

    Latest QuickTime

    Cool, i really updated Perian thats week. Thanks Perian team, nice work.
  12. Hiro_

    Latest QuickTime

    Hi all, i think than i'm crazy, but i perceived today than the latest quicktime version now is loading the external subtitles (i not saw this in the old versions). Would be possible change your properties, how color, size and border?
  13. Hi guys, how are you? Fine i wait, i participate of thats forum to a long, long time and i saw the development of the OS X over PC plataform accompanying everything than was discovered, helping and getting help of all. Today i see than the development is on a mature stage, where the bigger part of the troubles already were solved to the version 10.4.8. So i'd like know if here still will contiune trying improve others versions (10.4.9 / 10.4.10) or if the home of osx86 already isn't more here. Please moderators and administrators say something about this here for all members they have knowledge of the situation from this forum. Cheers for all.
  14. Hiro_

    CMI-8738 Mic input

    How always, nothing. I mislead myself again.
  15. Hi all, i use the OS X x86 since the 10.4.1 version and i see than much has improved, but a thing leave me sad. I've a pci sound card cmi-8738 and it not works with mic input with me. I known't if the problem is with the chipset controller of the my motherboard or if it really just not works. I often search a solution for this. Well first i'd like know if already exists some method to make cmi-8738 works here and if the first option isn't true i'd like know if someone would know some pci model than works with mic input audio. Thanks to all by everything. Cheers mans.