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  1. TopazBar

    Safari always crashes

    Strange, I have similar setup but safari never crashes on me (well, except for once - divide by zero error, I think it was). Try running with plug-in disabled. If this fixes your problem, you know where fault lies.
  2. I think the guide will work if partitions reversed. There is nothing in osx and vista that they want to be in particular partition. Just substitute flag x with reverse partition number, and report back.
  3. TopazBar

    3 Partitions to One?

    Sorry, but what is GPT? Grand Prix Tour? I'm just kidding :pirate2: Yes, I agree that it can be dangerous.
  4. TopazBar

    Test drove Vista RTM

    bb, I thought above post was WELL thought out. The lost one must have been brilliant :pirate2:. I agree that unnecessary Vista bashing do get old fast. I really do want Linux, *BSD, Vista, and OSX to succeed in their own right. Variety makes life interesting and fun.
  5. TopazBar

    Test drove Vista RTM

    enb14, Ok, unstable 4 u. I can accept that. Stable for me (ultimate edition): IE runs wonderful for me. Smooth and pages seem to load fast for sites I visit. Media Player looks delicious. Sound comes out full and album art look good. DVD movies play well. Who cares what it uses to load? End result works for me. I have 27 days left for evaluation. When I visit my family and relatives during holidays, I'm planning a private demo for them. They will be shocked by the transparent GUI
  6. TopazBar

    Oh my god guys! Please help me!

    I'm sorry to hear that. I recommend the following: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php 1. Download and burn a CD. 2. Boot off the CD and run testdisk on your external disk If the external disk has hardware problems, obviously, you are pretty much out of luck.
  7. TopazBar

    iTunes authorization problem 10.4.8 Asrock Conroe

    To use mifki kernel, make sure you have correct BIOS options set: CPUID limit: disabled HPET: enabled NX: enabled
  8. TopazBar

    Leopard hacked!

    In anticipation, what do I need? Should I download anything?
  9. TopazBar

    Leopard hacked!

    Beta or not, I want to test drive Leo. And no, it is not waste of hacker's time. They learned.
  10. TopazBar

    Me Venting,

    Let me vent too. I sick of donation signatures. I turned off viewing signatures all together now. It is overdone now. Anyone who is anyone is asking for donation. Even supposely free software is asking for donations. Donation City.
  11. TopazBar

    Leopard hacked!

    :censored2: lawyers...I hope music CD's don't work this way. Sorry off topic.
  12. TopazBar

    Leopard hacked!

    A gift? They probably remove that for final version, I would think. Strange. Unless this is a intentional gift to battle Vista RTM leak.
  13. TopazBar

    Leopard hacked!

    Ok, so r*d* must have been used? no?
  14. TopazBar

    Leopard hacked!

    Congratulation mifki/Vitaliy. Man, you work fast. BTW, was it a binary hack or recompiled from source?