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10.4.8 AMD apparently


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just notice pirate bay claims to have 10.4.8 AMD but dunno gonna try it... will let you all know how it goes:P but says


You can find all the extensions in /System/Library/Extensions_10.4.8_disabled


and the new opengl framework in


/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework_10.4.8 if you want to mess with them


search string "10.4.8 AMD UPDATE"

was uploaded by tubgirl:S


nothing I can't seem to download the torrent:S to start downloading it

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Anybody tried this?!I'd love to know if it works over a clean install of Jas 10.4.7 DVD?And do i need to do something special(i mean is it simply install the update or i have to backup/edit something?).

My system is:

AMD Sempron 2800+ @ 1.76Ghz


Motherboard:ASUS K8n with nforce3 chipset,onboard realtek audio and nforce networking controler.

Video: ASUS A9250/128MB


Edit i just saw it says :

TEST version use it at your own risk
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Hi would it work for me!?My configuration is posted above.And some instructions what to do(i'm really a newbie :) ).Also i have some problems after installing from jas 10.4.7 DVD(Spotlight doesn't work,when i click about this mac it appears the system makes quick logout/login),i think i will install from 10.4.6 HOTISO wich i had before and then update to 10.4.7(the only problem i noticed then was the system profiler wich said "There was an error obtaining this information" at the generl tab,all other info was ok) after that apply that 10.4.8 update.

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Dont even bother !!.

All windows became black during install.

Failed to even boot after install.


Probably wait for a proper AMD version to be posted here.


i bet it doesn't work newcastle core doesn't have sse3 and the torrent says it needs sse3.


If your chip doesn't have sse3 forget it

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Confirmed it is running with SSE3 on my socket 939 AMD. Thanks :thumbsdown_anim:


Just installed the release - and everything worked as it should. No panic, and Callisto

QE and CI are working, too.



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