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  1. djpc47

    Help The Police

  2. djpc47

    The Internet 40 years ago

    see that the way the internets was suppose to be.... instead its the words largest library of exotic photography......
  3. djpc47

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    I can confirm that auto switching and sound works on my HP DV6985se using MadTux_collit99_ALC268_B.zip + HDAEnabler.kext...... this should work on any HP DV6500, DV6600, DV6700 or DV6900 Intel (has Intel X3100 onboard or Nvidia GeForce ????) as they're usually the same motherboard with minor differences...
  4. the mac chick isn't to bad looking, in the pictar anyway... and haha on the windows pictar
  5. djpc47

    HP Bios Whitelist Thread

    The answer is likely yes, HP has owned Compaq for some time; infact a lot of HP and Compaq laptops use the same identical motherboards and share bios images… In saying that, for anyone whose going to try and use pre-modded bios image, I suggest (unless its specifically for the same model HP/Compaq)… go onto ebay and look for a replacement motherboard for your laptop(if you find nothing and say you have a DV4524 then try and call it a DV4500 or DV4000 intel/amd or similar, play with the name:P), most sellers will list at least some of the other model compaq’s/hp’s that use the same mobo….. to check if they’re the same motherboards, check where the ports are (VGA, RJ45(network), modem, usb, firewire, cardreader slots ext), also take note of where the doors are on the bottom of your hp/Compaq and compare them to where the motherboard on eBay lays things out(Take note if your laptop and the motherboard are Intel or AMD because that will make or break you)… don’t use where the power plugs in on the laptop as a reference as a lot of hp’s/Compaq’s tend to use bridges to relocate where the power cord plugs in... here are 3 individual examples of HP/Compaq series laptops that share the same parts: HP DV6900 intel = HP DV6500 intel = HP DV6700 intel ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Compaq Presario V2000/M2000 AMD = HP Pavilion ze2000 AMD -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Compaq V3000 AMD = HP DV2000 AMD In say this all I will now throw out some propaganda….. I LOVE HP/Compaq’s for using a somewhat standardized set of parts and having their parts fairly easily available to buy….. I bought a ASUS z92t and couldn’t find a replacement anywhere….. so far 3 hp’s/Compaq’s I’ve owned and parts are easy to come by:).
  6. djpc47

    Bush Shoe Incident

    As a Canadian I found it utterly hilarious... I'd laugh if it was our president or even if it was our prime minister.... SDRacer48, take it easy no one gonna hurt you... he ducked down as it was pointed out, next up even your guys pres actually took it lightly I believe... Mans about not letting politics get in the way.... that's a lie, no one person can not let politics in the way of living life.... one can take it the pimpin way and not care, but you still get affected, even if its slightly. Running With..., Nothing wrong with his saying beef..... its a great improvement from saying Pakies..... I heard that he later said something amongst the lines about" Keep it popping and locking fo real ..... take his g-ride to Hang wit his homies down the block, peal some caps and maybe crash some clubs..." he then hurried away claiming it was before the " popo noticed" he then left making a T sign saying he was repping Texas and a Dub-Ya. Some say he uttered out something about "Riding the beef till it burns for the lessons he earned, something about some calling em anti social and said something about ThugLife or something" I'm not sure but I think he may of meant poperotzy by popo...... also not sure if this was a direct quote or if I just wrote it out of thin air;)
  7. djpc47

    Windows sucks

    so whats everyone watching on tv today?
  8. djpc47

    My New favorite song!

    Yess this now proves We're all gangster within press the start button ----------------------------------- \/ press the start button >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVm3UEamHRM <<<< now press the start button for ludacris press the start button --------------------- /\ the sad thing is that this is an actual "rapper" doing an "actual" song..... someone bring back 2pac I don't care if its by means of retarded clone.... this is what I think censorship does to an industry
  9. djpc47

    My call with Apple Support

    I doubt Apple will get em now;), R.I.P.