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Hello insanelymac,


I want to mod my Apple PowerMac G5 case, I know it’s not special anymore but I like it.

I bought it on eBay it’s completely and in good condition.

It’s possible to use all the fans and mod it without cut the backside ?

The G5 most look like a normal G5 but only with new hardware.


Hardware which I want to buy:


-Gigabyte GA-B75M-D2V Intel B75 So.1155 or Asus B85M-E Intel B85 so. 1150

-Intel Xeon E3-1240v2 4x 3.40GHz So.1155 or Intel Core i7 4770 4x 3.40GHz So.1150

-2048MB Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 OC Activ or 2048MB Palit GeForce GTX 760 JetStream



For the backside I would cut the old mainboard and mod it.

For the front I would buy a cable from BlackCH.


I get a soldering station, so I only need tutorials and hints from you.

Can I build the front panel I/0 itself ?

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You'll find lots of tutorials here.


For the fans you can swap out the internals to make them look original but have PC compliant internals (see here) and also you'll see some stuff about using a special PCB for a no cut rear - see "extending the zammykoo legacy ".


Have fun and be sure to post your build log.

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Cutting the back will save you a lot of work and compromises! Panels for the backside are really good these days and imho very pretty too.


For the GPU make sure that you will have a good airflow! With a mATX board will be not much space left over the GPU to get fresh air.

If you really are going with a GTX 770 make sure the PSU you choose is providing more than 550W, 42amps on 12V and is a single rail PSU.

-> Don't buy cheap {censored}! Get sth with gold or platinum certificate!

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There are plenty of examples here of people (myself included) tht opted for the clean look of a non modified case. I wont cut the outside of my case because that is the look I am going for. Yes, it may be easier to use a motherboard tray and back panel replacement - but if you want that original look, it is absoutly possible, and not difficult - just requires some patience and creativity.


With regards to PSU - that kinda depends on your placement! Will you relocate the guts into the original TeslaConverter shell or will you leave the new PSU in its original case and place it at the bottom? Top? I recomend looking thru this sub-forum for some inspiration, and also check out the HOW-TOs sub forum for some guidance as well.


Hope this helps some and like MiniHack suggested - keep us all updated! Good Luck!

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I have heard of people fixing bent G5 cases before - but it was a real pain in the ass and everyone that tried it said they wished they had just done a claim and gotten a different one. In 20 years when these cases are scarce, I'd say take the time to  bend it back, but for now - file a claim and get a different one.

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This is a real PITA. In my experience maybe 20% of cases bought off eBay arrive this way. It is at a point where I never get a case sent to me now and would always collect. That means never buying anything more than 20 miles away.


In fairness to the white van clowns, often this happens because people think that if they pack something nice and tight it'll be okay. In fact, unless there is a LOT of cushioning material around the case and especially the top and bottom then just one less than 100% careful handler can easily bend the case when moving from van to depot and back. The cases may look strong but actually aluminium is pretty soft and does not stand up to shock treatment at all well.


But yes, of all the handlers I'd say avoid Hermes. They are cheap for a reason. And I'm guessing a cheap courier means no insurance too.


Hope you can sort something.


My current G5 build started with a smashed case that was intact before white van man got hold of it. I'm actually making completely new different shaped side panels for it as bending back the original outer is going to look {censored}.

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In future, use UPS - http://www.parcel2go.com/


I've used the UPS access point service to ship 28KG of speakers from London to Manchester - not a dent on the cardboard! (gladly as the speakers themselves were wrapped with only a single layer of bubblewrap) 


Cost 18£ as I had to split the shipment into 2, and arrived the next day.





As for fixing the G5, good luck! 

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Gigabyte boards are best - the Asus hasn't been confirmed working - look for a gigabyte 1150 board and it (most likely) will work.


Again, the 4770K is the better CPU, but Haswell won't be natively supported until 10.8.5


The 770 is quite a bit faster than the 760, both are confirmed working. Decide whether you need the extra power vs price


Everything will fit nicely on 650W

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I got the case back, bad news it looks better but not good enough.

I will sell it again and buy another one.

Its cost me a lot of time to dissamble it completly and its need more time to fix it.

The case is not worth it. I will buy another one. Never try again :P


Shame, but I have never really seen a 100% repair job for a badly bent G5.


Where in the world are you?

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