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Found 7 results

  1. KingOssy

    First G5 MOD

    Hello insanelymac, I want to mod my Apple PowerMac G5 case, I know it’s not special anymore but I like it. I bought it on eBay it’s completely and in good condition. It’s possible to use all the fans and mod it without cut the backside ? The G5 most look like a normal G5 but only with new hardware. Hardware which I want to buy: -Gigabyte GA-B75M-D2V Intel B75 So.1155 or Asus B85M-E Intel B85 so. 1150 -Intel Xeon E3-1240v2 4x 3.40GHz So.1155 or Intel Core i7 4770 4x 3.40GHz So.1150 -2048MB Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 OC Activ or 2048MB Palit GeForce GTX 760 JetStream For the backside I would cut the old mainboard and mod it. For the front I would buy a cable from BlackCH. I get a soldering station, so I only need tutorials and hints from you. Can I build the front panel I/0 itself ?
  2. Hello fellow Hackintoshers, I’ve seen a lot of Hackintoshes on the internet and decided to make my own combining all the (in my opinion) best mod idea's i’ve seen so far. After a bit of research i found a semi-clean G5 case with a broken logic board. When i went to pick it up, the dude who sold it to me also noticed he had a Cinema Display, unfortunately without the power brick. I, without knowing how rare and expensive the bricks were, bought it along with the case, because i wanted the original “apple feeling” and thats pretty hard staring at a Dell of ASUS monitor when compared with the ACD. Seeing as i am a dutch native, there might be some spelling errors. After spending quite some time on this and similar forums looking for compatible components i chose the following components: Motherboard : Gigabyte H77-DS3H Processor : Intel i5 3570 Processor cooler : Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo + Noctua 120mm Fan Ram modules : Ballistix Tactical 8GB(2x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz CL8 Graphic card : Gainward GTX 770 Phantom 2GB Solid State Drive : 256 GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD Harddisk : 2x 2 TB HDD Rear Case fan : 2x Noctua 92mm Fan Controller : Scythe Kaze Q Black Bluetooth adapter : Sitecom CN-516 Network card : TP Link WN851N Powersupply : Cooler Master B600 Money spent sofar: €435 My main goal was to make a fast, quiet dual boot Hackintosh, Windows 7 for gaming and OSX because i prefer the OSX GUI over Windows (and because i was making a G5 mod, OSX was kind of mandatory). I know the 3570 had a -k version which is an unlocked CPU and can be over clocked but its going to primarily be a gaming pc on Win7 and iWorks, browsing and occasional small editing projects in OSX. I don't really care of the extra CPU speed, besides i find a lot more heat and noise not outweighing the benefits of those couple of extra Mhz. LETS GET STARTED Right, i’ve got the case, and being the stereotypical poor student that i am, i scraped enough money together to buy the motherboard, the fans and controller and the PSU to start off with the mod. I’ve seen a lot of mods where they cut the rear I/O panel and fan shield to later replace that with a custom made aluminium sheet but since i was going for the “apple feeling” i was (and still am) reluctant to cut into the case. CLEARING THE CASE After a ridiculous amount of puzzling, being stubborn as i am, (i didn't want to use any guides besides it was broken anyway) i got the Motherboard out of the case and removed the rest of the components. I continued with the removal of the top shelf, the motherboard standoffs and other weird looking pins. What i was left with, was a completely empty case. Now to place the ATX standoffs. I grounded myself, touched both the case and the motherboard, so as to remove any static electricity, i placed my motherboard inside the case and pushed a marker through each on of the screw holes. I had also bought a 150 piece screw and bolt set including motherboard standoffs. I combined the new motherboard standoffs with a spacer and a nut. After i had 7 of them, i proceeded to epoxy glue them to the backplate using the marks of the marker as reference points. After i glued them into place i reassembled my motherboard back onto the new standoffs to check the alignment. I left the glued standoffs, with the motherboard with a couple of books for weight on it, to dry. PSU I then turned my attention to the power supply. It had a nasty-looking dusty interior, which i removed. To go for a clean look, i wanted to install the new Coolermaster PSU in the old PSU box. After some careful disassembly and some soldering the PSU fitted perfectly in the box. I found the old PSU stock coolers to be too loud for the quiet build i was going for, so i replaced them with two 60mm ultra silent cooling fans. THE CASE FAN The stock case fans were also a bit too loud for my taste so i replaced them with 2 Noctua 92mm fans, one pulling the hot air from the CPU cooler and another one pushing cool air through the case. The CPU cooler and GPU card are going to be placed pushing hot air towards those fans and out the case. After all the fans were in place, they were routed to the Scythe Kaze fan controller. APPLE CINEMA DISPLAY After finding out the power bricks costed more than what i had spent on the case and monitor (!!!) i did a bit of googling and found a mod. The screen is powered by a 65watt PSU at approx. 24 volts. Universal laptop chargers are 90w. and about 24v. I think you can guess where this is going. After i soldered everything together i found out my Universal adapter cycles through the voltage when there isn’t a connector tip connected. This resulted in 5 seconds of display and than the short-short-long power error. Back to the drawing board. I later found another universal adapter with a manual volt regulator. After redoing the entire thing of testing which wire was positive and negative with the voltmeter i soldered everything back up and wrapped it in tape. This time the trick worked! The rest is yet to come. Since i am on a very tight school schedule and tight funding, i actually have very little time to mod the case and continue the build, so it’s gonna be a couple of weeks till the next update. See y'all in a few weeks! let me know what you think so far! tips and tricks are always welcome (Edit - Spelling errors)
  3. Currently have 2 fully working Power Mac G5 systems for sale. Model: A1047-1969 (1.8 GHz PowerPC 970 (G5)) Single Core 1.8GHz Processor 512MB 400MHz PC3200 DDR SDRAM Both are the same. However one has no RAM in it currently. I can add it if it is important to you. Both cases have minor scratches, and one has pen or something partially on the apple symbol on the door. Other than that there are no major damage marks or really noticiable wear marks. Please PM me, EMail, or Call ((316)304-7576) me anytime and we can get something going. I am new here, and have a closet full of apple/pc parts. I figure I will be on here religeously soon since I am starting a build in a couple of weeks! I like what I see so far!
  4. That's right, it's yet another mod noob (me) trying his hand at turning the beautifully crafted G5 case into a mATX Frankenstein/Gaming machine. The awesome projects that I have seen here (and at G5 Modders) have made me think that I actually have a shot at making this mod come out not-to-horribly. The Plan: 1) Install Laserhive rear I/O plate 2) Add Laserhive motherboard tray. 3) Build fan brackets for the front of the case. Bought Laserhive front fan bracket. 4) Install 92mm fans on Laserhive rear I/O plate. 5) Install front panel board 6) Install wiring adapter made by BlackCH 7) Install modular PSU 8) Fabricate female to male extension cable from PSU to existing rear port on case. 9) Install hdd tray behind fabricated fan bracket (Might reinstall HDD bay in stock location). New solution needed. 10) Run power cables from PSU to required areas Parts to buy: Intel i5 3750k (Thanks, Mr. D.!) CPU Fan/cooler Radeon HD 7870 (Original plan was for GTX 560 TI) Corsair CX600M PSU (would a 550watt be sufficient?) ASRock Z77M Motherboard Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gig (2 x 4gig) ram 2 x 92mm Arctic F9 Case Fans 2 x 120mm Arctic F12 Case Fan I already own quite a few WD Black 1TB SATA HDDs, so I am not going to purchase new ones. If you have suggestions for parts, then by all means make them. I am really close to my budget for parts ($800USD), but if you see something better at around the same price, please share. Here's my case, it's got a few minor scratches, but it's a beauty from 2ft away. Also, here's some pictures of the disassembly process. One other thing, I haven't seen this slot (the one under the lock lever) on any of the other cases. I think the I/O Backplate will cover it, but I may have to do some metal massaging. Anyhow, I am now waiting for parts, but I want to thank all of the people who have done this before for so generously documenting the steps that they took and how to avoid some issues as well. Hopefully I'll have some updates soon!
  5. enjoyfebruary

    XServe Raid Conversion Kit

    I am considering developing a kit to convert the aging Xserve Raid rack into a useable enclosure. You can now routinely find these units on eBay for around $100, and considering the cost of typical rack unit (which aren't even as nice), I thought it would be about time to look at repurposing this beautifully made case into something builders could recycle. Basically this kit would include replacement PCBs for the drive sleds so that we can use standard SATA drives, while retaining both the power and activity lights. Secondly the kit would include a backplane PCB with standard molex and SAS connections. This would make the unit usable for homebuilt servers, NAS applications, or even just as a SAS expander. My target price for the entire kit would be around $200-250. I know this sounds like a lot but considering the quality of this case it is really comparable to other cases. Anyway, I put it to you guys to see if this would be something the community would be interested in. Let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks! Dan
  6. Hi everyone, recently I posted my PowerMac G5 Mod up to the insanely mac forums and though I was generally happy with the mod I have started to think I could off integrated it much better. Heres the thing, the reason why I like apple is the clean no fuss design they incorporate into there machines, the reason I like PC's is the unbeatable value of the hardware I wanted to mix the two together seamlessly, add my own little touch too it and have fun creating a unique machine that has everything I wanted in a desktop computer and more. My previous attempt (pictures Bellow) has the value of PC hardware, the sort of look of a mac and it was fun to make, but again those two elements just didn't mix well I don't think, so i have set out to attempt one more G5 mod to try to get it right. Here is my previous G5 Mod. This time around I will be focusing on the materials used during the Mod and final finishing touches such as using black neoprene tubing instead of PVC and trying to convert more of the original features instead of replacing them ( ACBell PSU, PowerButton, Back PCI slots, original Molex/SATA cables, Delta fans Ect) I have started with converting the original ACBell G5 PSU, Even going so far as to keep the original white power inlet and the original PSU fans. UPDATE: Yesterday I finally got my hands on a 1.8GHz Dual Powermac G5 I started by striping all the original G5 components out at work. i removed all the G5 motherboard standoffs bar one that supports the midsection divider, the longer standoffs where disgarded and the six shorter ones where reused as standoffs for my Z77 motherboard. once stripped I placed the case and all the metal pieces in the bath and used the shower on a high setting to clean the case and dividers. Next I focused on lining the motherboard up with the PCI slots on the G5 and fitting the back CPU fans. I found using dual slot graphics card helped a lot in lining the standoffs and PCI slots up. once lined up I will use pen ink on the flat bottom of the standoffs and line the board back up once five minutes have passed I will remove the board and standoffs and place a blob of epoxy resin on the standoff markings, reinsert the board and standoffs and wait for it to set. Next I though a little bit of cable management was in order. it is extremely important for me with this mod to keep the whole look tidy and neat no stray wires so that it ties in with the feel of the original G5 system For the liquid cooling system I needed a control centre for water tempreger and fan speed / fan control these things are usually not part of a home made water cooling system or are managed through separate systems, fan speed controllers and thermometers not software, however I recently got my hands on a damaged Antec kuhler h2o and spotted a opportunity, it came with the black fan cables cut and leaking, I opened the unit cleaned out the gunk and made it water tight, thankfully there where printed pinouts on the board for the PWM fans so I hooked up a spare PWM fan and loaded the Antec Chill Control software and it all works great once properly configured the antec unit will be grafted onto the home made water cooling loop I own, plus with the addition of two 120MM PWM fans hopefully I will have a fully automated software controlled water cooling loop for my hack .
  7. Ciao a tutti, sono un nuovo utente del forum. E da circa 2 mesi mi sono appassionato del mondo dell'Hackintosh....ho infatti un dual Boot (Win10 e Yosemite) sul mio Portatile Samsung RF511 i7 e da 2 mesi appunto ho comprato una vecchia Apple TV 1' Gen sulla quale cercavo disperatamente di installargli un OS X. Ho avuto successo installandogli Tiger 10.4.8 ma era troppo primitivo....quindi ho optato per Leopard ma tutti i siti con le guide, non erano disponibili...insomma un vicolo cieco! Ho avuto la brillante idea di "svuotare" la Apple TV in modo da inserirgli dentro una scheda madre che sia però compatibile con Hackintosh! Ho visto che ci sono Mini PC intel come il Voyo V3 che sono abbastanza performanti e piccoli per stare dentro al Case della mia Apple TV. La mia domanda è: Esiste una mini Scheda Madre gia Assemblata (Vedi Voyo v2-v3 o Beelink B7 dotati di processore intel) che sia in grado di far girare una versione di Mac OS X in modo da avere una specie di MAC Mini fatto in casa? Grazie mille!