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  1. good work! glad to see its also running MacOS. What will you be using this for mostly? I have an older G5 mod that I have win10 and OS 10.8 for audio mixing and mastering.
  2. awesome build man! impressive work. did you get osx running on it? if so, what version? perhaps a write up in the software section would be good too! great job on the rig!
  3. Mr.D.

    neoofoox's G5 Mod

    looks pretty good thus far. I always lament when the backside of the G5 is cut... but that is my personal preference It should look really sharp when its painted! Question 1) gonna tuck all the components of the new PSU into the case for the old PSU? that would look sharp and enhance the "stock look"! Question 2) gonna run any flavor of OSX on it? Dual boot? VM? only OSX? Keep the updates and especially sharp pictures coming!
  4. I have had luck at auto-parts stores finding obscure c-clips and what not. Sounds odd, but head down to Autozone and give them a look-see.
  5. Mr.D.

    My simple G5 Mod

    nice clean mod. I like it! I especially like the small budget - just shows that with some time, talent and patience you can make it look professional and clean...
  6. Mr.D.

    McBeast G5 Mod

    Very nice... I like the silver and black contrast! - any chance of some less blurry pictures?
  7. Mr.D.

    PowerMac G5 Mod DONE

    Will you be running a version of OS X on this system?
  8. Mr.D.

    PowerMac G5 Mod DONE

    Looking good! If you have any more detailed photos that you would share with everyone, we'd all appreciate it! Have you bench-marked the system yet? What are you planning on using it for? How long did it take to do the work? How much did you spend? Looks great so far - but I think I can speak for everyone when I say, "More!"
  9. So as you can see... the link you have posted was to he who shall not be named. There are many reasons for this... check the replacement link out for more info. I have OS 10.8.2 running in a VM. I bought 10.6.3 from Apple and then upgraded the VM to 10.6.8 to get me access to the app store to download 10.8.x. There are soooooooo many resources here, most being towards the top of the forum on how to get just about any flavor of OSX to run on just about any hardware config you can throw at it. The best suggestion that I have is for you to search the forums for some help. Then find a sub-forum that gets you most of the way there... then read and read and read. Ask questions, but read first. Remember that the people here are helping because they want to help... not because of any obligation. Hopefully this'll help you along the way!
  10. I thought it was supposed to be black?! /sarc
  11. Mr.D.

    Newbie question...

    Here is mine. Don't hold mine up on a pedestal though, plenty of mistakes made along the way... Look thru the forum for others mods to give you some more ideas. And not only do I have OSX running, I have it running in a Virtual Machine - just goes to show that it can be done, if you have the time, energy, and resources. I have 10.6.8 and 10.8.2 running in 2 different virtual machines. I reused none of the actual electrical parts. Others have reused the fans, or modified them in various ways. I replaced them because the old ones draw a lot of power, make a lot of noise, and don't cool as well as cheap 5 dollar fans. you just cant reuse the PSU. I tried and tried, but it just doesn't have the right voltages, amps, and distribution to run an modern ATX motherboard. I did reuse the fan mounts and the PSU case. Cosmetically, the G5 looks the same... I upgraded all the good bits to new stuff though.
  12. Mr.D.

    Tuf-est Love G5 Mod

    I agree - the back and white look is great. As I was scrolling down, I got more and more impressed. I really like the final look and it looks perfectly at home with your MacBook and your CinemaDisplay.
  13. Mr.D.

    Water Cooled G4 Cube case mod

    Impressive work, as always! Love to see the old cubes, and to cram all that in there is very, very cool. If I could vote twice, I would!! You have my vote!
  14. Mr.D.

    Newbie question...

    Welcome!! I believe a good place to start is with a decision: Do you want to keep the stock G5 look, or do you want to replace the back with an ATX kit, like those available from The Lazer HIve? This is all a matter of personal preference. I like the look of the case as-is and didn't want to change it. Both require some work to get what you want, but each has its own rewards and challenges. Once you have that figured out, build from the inside out - by that I mean get the Motherboard, CPU, PSU, GPU, HDD/SSD, etc. that you want. Again, a choice needs to be made here: Go Gigabyte and nVidia for run-ability out of the box, or go with the system that you want and try to make it work with OSX. Some people will tell you to go the easy way... and that's fine. I can, however, tell you that its only easy because someone else did it first, and found out how to do it, and then shared it with the community. I went with an ASRock board and an ATI video card. Some things didn't work right away and I had to tinker - but that was part of the fun for me. There is a guy who built a hackintosh in 90 minutes and posted the video on YouTube. And there are people like me who are still tinkering with their system after more than a year. This site is a great reference for both the hardware and the software aspect of getting your hackintosh running. Check out the mods here in this forum, and when you're ready, move to the top of the page for software help. As always, don't be afraid to ask... ... and don't be afraid to start modding your system!
  15. Mr.D.

    Apple G4 MDD Case Modded

    looks nice... any more pics? how about the guts??