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  1. Can someone confirm that Thunderbolt Displays are working?
  2. Sactology's custom G5 backplate!

    Nice! Will you place it ontop of the G5 or replace all the mesh on the back?
  3. Hi / Grüße, If you need a early 2005 front panel (which is easier to handle) PM me! Fans should be installed, if you want to use a fast CPU and a fast GPU. IMHO you should install at least one fan in the back!
  4. First G5 case mod... from scratch.

    With the laserhive kit I can perfectly use the air cooler Prolimatech Megahalems (height: 157mm) and still close the side panel. Be aware, if you place a HDD tray, like I did in my first mod, you will not be able to close the side panel. AND you will be limited in your GPU length.
  5. overclocking advice

    Naaaaaaaaaaaa, of course you can oc. Just increase the Turbo. In general very easy if you leave the voltage on auto. 4.2 - 4.3GHz should be possible. RAM oc is NOT recommendable.
  6. First G5 case mod... from scratch.

    Regular PSUs (under 800W) have a "normal" size and fit! Dremel is nice, but a bigger "flex" is even better = faster. WIth the dremel you can work more precise. MountainMods does not offer a 120mm Radiator back panel for the G5! Check out the laserhive and contact Dave. He will help you for sure. But why struggle with a liquid cooler? Any good air cooler will do the same job and does not provide pump noise.
  7. I was really pleased by my first mod and enjoyed building it, but two things haven't been as good as I wanted them to be: - air flow for the GPU - dust in the system Worklog of my first mod: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285250-v3noms-g5-atx-mod/ The goals for this projects have been: - almost inaudible cooling - keep the components dust free - two 3,5" HDDs + two 2,5" SSDs in the upper part - 120mm fan in the back - mATX MB - two 140mm fans in the front with simple detachable dust filters. Easy access after opening the G5 side panel - no blocking of the airstream -> better GPU cooling -> quieter cooling (biggest issue of my first mod, maybe I should reactivate the water cooling) - mod a PSU to fit inside the G5 PSU case The worklog can be seen here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288102-v3noms-2nd-g5-mod-dust-free/ The build in hardware: - Asus P8Z77-M Pro - i7 3770k @ 4,2 GHz - 16GB DDR 3 RAM - Prolimatech Black Series Megahalems cooler - 2x 120mm Noiseblocker NB-eLoop Fan B12-P (CPU and backside fan) - 2x 140mm Enermax Cluster (front) - 1x 80mm Enermax Cluster (HDD fan) - BlackCH front panel cable - 2x 120 GB SSDs (OSX / Windows) - 2TB WD green - 3TB WD red - Seasonic X-560 PSU - 2x 140mm Silverstone fan filter - EVGA 670 Signature 2 with Accelero Twin Turbo II What I have done: - PWM controlled fans from the CPU_FAN signal - most cables hidden behind the motherboard - changed the G5 HDD tray with a Lian Li EX-H22 - gutted the Seasonic PSU and put it in the G5 PSU - installed the 120mm mATX Laserhive kit (MB tray and backpanel) - lasered a front panel for the two 140mm fans with magnets inside to mount the filters - mounted a air channel to decrease GPU temperature under load G5 Hardware parts: - Late 2004 G5 case - G5 PSU case - side panel (glass) Result: The build is working very quiet and the filters are preventing 99% of the dust to get into the system. The mATX Asus board has been a pain in the a**, but is working great now with a DSDT. GPU temperatures are below 70°C and the fans are working very quiet during gaming. Currently bootable are Windows 8 and OSX 10.8.4. The PSU fan is not working under light load and isn't noticeable is turning on. Photos:
  8. Sweeeeeet! You can run GPU benchmarks like UnigineValley or Unigine Heaven.
  9. I am using the Seasonic X-560. Most of the X (gold) and Platinum PSUs are working under low load fanless and the fan is only kicking in @ 20-30% load or over (I think) 25°C. By that the PSU is working fanless and only working if I am starting powerfull software. Even than the fan is just starting with under 500rpm and never audible.
  10. Nice build! I am a little bit worried about the PSU, because Seasonic says to place it with the grid facing up. Maybe it's not that bad because you are just drawing 250W max, but keep that in mind!
  11. Phunczz's G5 Homage Project

    Good job! The space between the slides will give you an excellent airflow! Are you installing fans?
  12. First G5 MOD

    If you are living close to Aachen I can give u a working G5.
  13. First G5 MOD

    Cutting the back will save you a lot of work and compromises! Panels for the backside are really good these days and imho very pretty too. For the GPU make sure that you will have a good airflow! With a mATX board will be not much space left over the GPU to get fresh air. If you really are going with a GTX 770 make sure the PSU you choose is providing more than 550W, 42amps on 12V and is a single rail PSU. -> Don't buy cheap {censored}! Get sth with gold or platinum certificate!
  14. v3nom's 2nd G5 Mod - dust free

    Today I teared down my old G5 for all the components. I reused most of it except for the mainboard, PSU, case fans and HDD tray. First impression of half a year without cleaning the CPU cooler: So that really shows, how important the filters will be for my setup! For the next step I had to flash my BIOS to make the ASUS board work in OSX. The flashing was very easy. Just a FAT32 formatted USB stick with the new BIOS files on it, plugged into the BIOS flashing USB port, connect 24&8 Pin power cables and press the flash button on the mainboard. During the assembling I tried to hide most of the cables under the mainboard and behind the PSU. The final setup is pleasing me and it did boot / worked directly. Next step will be the testing of the overclock in Windows and adjusting the fan curve. The ASUS BIOS settings for the fans are awesome!
  15. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Thanks! Found it also in your pdf