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The diagram is great. Thank you amantheboy08. Just one more thing... It should be better to colour the 12V in yellow and the 5V in red to avoid some confusion. The G5 CPU fan connection is similair to the PCI fan; the outside pins for the voltage wires and the inside pins for neutrals, RPM and negative .

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Keep on the great job. :) I am busy to change the connectors to plug the fans onto the Mobo.


NICE!!! hopefully the fans wont be jets takin off. Aqua Mac has gotten his Mac Pro fans to work through the mobo. interestin stuff

USB should be easy, maybe you had wire switched around. Well glad to see your pwr and led working

i guess it is....


after hours of trying i gave up wiring usb.... anyway im glad i managed my psu mod

and get it all working today

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Thank you i will await your photos :thumbsup_anim:


you don't even need to solder them, but its a good thing to, what i did is cut, twine then solder. So I twined up the 2 wires then solder, pretty straightforward and simple.

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One question: I'm not interested in getting FireWire/USB working for now.


To boot the computer, all I need is the Power Button, and the USB ground right?


I tried that, and nothing happened, but when I prodded the pin manually on the mobo, it worked.


Do I need a shielded ground from the USB too then?



Diagrams worked great for me, thank you so much. Just finished soldering up my front panel connector about 15 min. ago, typing on my computer now with the front USB, Firewire, Audio, and Power Button all working great!

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