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  1. Missing pictures now attached as a zip to the main post!!! Happy New Year!
  2. Any ideas on whether this method will work on a Baytrail Celeron (N2807)? I am getting a used Brix with one of these processors in it and I'll be ripping the thing apart for some bits and pieces for another project. But if the main board actually works [it was sold cheaply as "Spares/Repairs" as allegedly the owner doesn't have RAM/SSD to test it] then I might just see if I can use this more or less 'headless' for something. I'd be interested to know if someone has had success in getting OS X to run on this processor, or if I should just throw the parts in the scrap pile once I have taken what I can from it...... By the way, for Graphics a displaylink adapter for USB3.0 to HDMI might be a useful try for these projects. I have one here and have used it with success while trying to figure out frame buffer edits for a different machine. This is the one I am using for that: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00OXBYMOC/ref=sr_ph?ie=UTF8&qid=1449248281&sr=1&keywords=esynic+USB+3.0+hdmi- I got it super cheap on a Black Friday 'Flash sale' and it works great. No QE/CI BUT the display is super stable with no artefacts and very useable. This can work if your machine gets to the 'Bluetooth transport' stage and then hangs - as in many cases the actual machine IS getting to the desktop stage but is simply not able to display as the graphics under OS X aren't loading..
  3. MiniHack

    [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    Thank you Pokenguyen, Your DummyKext works for me on Asus Maximus VI Impact. My board uses XHC but exceeds the 15 ports - only because for USB 2.0 the USB 3.0 ports double up e.g. SSP3 can also be HS10 when used with a USB 2 device). So using iMac 14,2 and also changing the IOName Match property to XHC your Dummy kext correctly matches the port IDs that are actually required for full functionality.i.e. HS03-HS12 and SSP3-SSP6
  4. MiniHack

    My Mod Hackintosh drum

    Very nice recycling.....
  5. Hi, Just a notice that I have now opened the online store of my website www.thelaserhive.com and for this week all products can be ordered at a 15% discount if you use the code "open15". In launching the shop I have kept all my UK prices the same and the Euro prices and USD prices have been aligned to use the current paypal exchange rates when converting from UK pounds. This has actually meant the US prices on average are a little cheaper while the Euro prices have gone up (as the Euro has become worth a bit less than it was when I started selling stuff 2 years ago ). So the discount code will help out the Euro zone buyers not to feel the price change but will give UK customers a good saving and US based customers an extra little bit more too. The discount code is valid through until this Friday (17 April). I welcome all feedback on the website to help me get any bugs sorted out.
  6. First I just want you to know i am biased as I run the laser hive. Second though, I also wanted you to know we do make a 2 x 120 fan support and a 2 x 140 fan support which is from folded brushed aluminium. The 2 x 120 has fan spacing to suit radiators like the Corsair 100i. Here is the link Hope this is useful! We also make loads of other stuff and will be soon launching online store (until now ordering is by email). I put a discount code on Insanely once the online store is up.
  7. If you are having severe problems with BT ( my card when using the various enablers still had huge problems in pairing etc) then you could always just forget about the BT portion of that card and instead buy the GMYLE dongle and fit it to a rear USB port and forget it. This for me gives far superior bluetooth to that of the combined card and works well with the published patches for continuity/handoff. It is only around $10 and saved me much head banging.
  8. MiniHack

    The Laser Hive.

    28 November 2014 until 1 December 2014: Special Black Friday to Cyber Monday promotion on some of our new products. For orders just email Info@thelaserhive.com
  9. MiniHack

    When your job hands you a G5...

    Hah! Good to see you again....I was genuinely worried. You know where to find me. I have some bits for you to try.....
  10. You should also say which wifi card you are using - as the combination of BT and wifi is important. I am guessing it is a Broadcom card, but which one?
  11. Okay, but the kexts I have are not patched (I use on the fly patching with Clover). I can though, if you want, either upload the original files or I can patch them manually and then upload. Which do you want me to do?
  12. GMYLE working with the patch in combination with BCM94352. The BT on the combo card has been disabled as I got fed up with the unreliability. Dongle features working well including instant hotspot and airdrop between iOS (on a 4G enabled iPad Mini 2) and Mac and vice versa. Handoff in applications working well. I don't though have a recent iPhone to test the calling capabilities. Also the dongle is giving me much better BT connection than the BT part of the combo card ever did.... Note: The wifi card has the cosmetic patch for Airport Extreme as well as the 5GHz fix.
  13. +1 with BCM4352. My card seems to have issues too with BT connections. While I have three x "yes", actual features functioning with the patch is....well patchy.
  14. MiniHack

    AirDrop/Continuity/Hands Off Fix How-to

    Parts are on the way to me, but remember 10.10 has only been final for a week.....and things can take a little while to arrive from China.
  15. MiniHack

    Handsoff & AirDrop

    Well…..it actually did change from Beta. My Asus combo card (a broadcom a/b/g/n/ac + BT 4 Le card) worked fine in the DPs and was then blocked in the final DP and the release (and swapping kexts from the DP cannot re-activate). So yes, this is precisely what Apple have done. As well of course as specifically excluding certain Mac models - which otherwise would work with their built in cards - from functioning by including a blacklist of Macs (!) within the IOBluetoothfamily.kext (you can read more about that here if you want: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1803192). I know this because to get my own Mac working I had to remove the blocked MacBookAir4,2 id from the kext…. Anyway, I am sure you will be right and fine. I haven't heard of any real problems with that card and I think they are specifically made by Broadcom for Apple anyway. I have seen some of the cards though advertised as "engineering samples" and I'd be inclined to avoid those I think (just in case!).