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What's the cheapest GPU I can get for this build?

kevin G

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My specs are:

ASRock Z77 Extreme4

Intel Core i5 3570 @ 3400 MHz

Intel® HD 2500 Graphics


Western Digital WD10EARS-003BB1 (1000GB)

8192 MB Corsair (2 x 4096 DDR3-SDRAM )


I tried to make HD 2500 work with 10.8.3 but I couldn't.

So I need to buy the cheapest separate card as my needs are very basic, I'm not a gamer.


Most importantly, I need it to work out of the box without or with minimal adjustments as this is my first time hackintoshing and I don't know most of what I'm doing. :graduated:

I need both DVI and HDMI to work.


So, any recommendations for me? :idea:

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it work hdmi


and i think dvi, i have a friend with one.. if u buy it .. search in forum the user mirone23.. and tell him i send u .. it will provide the necessary info...


good hack

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Alternatively, a GTX550Ti *does* work - the quibble is that you have to get these used or refurbished.  I have one (factory, as in nVidia, refurbished) that replaced a Visiontek HD5450 iSilence.  Whereas the HD5450 was hard to get working, the Ti was painless, painless, painless.  The default driver kext supports QE/CI, but not CUDA; the Web driver adds both CUDA and Physx support.  I got it for $63.46 - including tax.

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