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  1. I'm using the latest kX Project driver with a fully-updated Mavericks without issues - in fact, either of the last two versions (1.11b and 1.3b) should work. I'm in the somewhat weird position of using different sound cards for the Mavericks and Windows partitions because my Recon3D (PCI-E) is neither detected OR supported in OS X (which is rather screwy, since the external version IS supported, even by Mavericks). I have not had a chance to listen to the new Sound Blaster E (another external audio solution using the SoundCore 3D DSP) - hopefully the basic E will sound good enough where it can replace the internal Recon3D.
  2. PGHammer

    mavericks help iMessage

    That should not matter - I use iMessage without issue, and I specifically do NOT have any plastic attached to my AppleID. I use that AppleID for all my "fruity" interactions, just as I use my Microsoft Account for anything and everything to do with Microsoft (and my GMail account for everything Google) - even more interesting, all three are linked (in my iCloud keychain), as is Skype for Mac. I don't use video due to not having a supported Webcam, not due ot anything else (when I can upgrade to a supported camera, this will naturally be fixed). My issue is deciding "which webcam", as there are several different options from either Logitech or Microsoft.
  3. PGHammer

    EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti SC Works?

    I have a non-SC (factory-refurbished, in fact) GTX550Ti working just fine in OS X, Windows 8.1, and Server 2012R2 (I used to quad-boot, with both ML and the Mavericks DP of the month; however, since Mavericks went GM, I ejected ML and now merely triple-boot, not quad-boot). Other than updating the Windows drivers, I needed to do nothing. Mountain Lion and Mavericks both supported the GTX out of the box (complete with CI and QE); I'm simply waiting for proper Web/CUDA driver support for Mavericks GM, as there isn't any yet.
  4. The QVC-compatible webcams from Logitech and Microsoft work OOTB (Logitech C310 and newer, and especially C525 and newer, along with Microsoft's Lifecams). Best choices are Logitech HD Webcam C525 and above/newer, including C610, C615, and C910, and Microsoft Lifecam Studio (the Lifecam Studio is on sale at MicroCenter for $69.95).
  5. Most of Apple's revenue (for the past several years) comes from two areas - iDevices, and the services back end (the App Stores and iTunes). Now, the App Stores cover the iDevices *and* the Macs - how much in the way of physical software does Apple actually ship, even for Macs or Windows? That's how Apple built up that monstrous hoard of cash that is mostly stranded overseas. Any company with a heavy services back end is going to build up a crapton of cash if that service is in any way successful; it's NOT unique to Apple. (Google has a similar issue with Google Play and the Chrome App Store - even Microsoft has that issue with their own App Stores for Windows Phone, RT, and even Windows 8/8.1 - the App Stores are additions to, NOT instead of, current revenue flows for Team Redmond. Additional streams of revenue never - as in ever - hurt a company of any size, just as they never - again, as in ever - hurt a government of any size; the appetite for revenue never goes away.)
  6. PGHammer

    New Features

    I've found one new feature and one improved feature in DP5 of Mavericks, along with one change in a feature from OS X in general. 1. More wallpapers. Mavericks moved the included wallpaper collections from their old default locations in Mountain Lion; they are in /Library/Screen Savers/Default Collections of your Mavericks partition. (These are 3000x3000 images - likely targeting Retina MacBook Pros; however, they are simply gorgeous, and look good even auto-downscaled, or even in non-Apple OSes. I've exported them to my Windows 8.1 partition to use as desktop backgrounds there as well.) 2. iCloud The iCloud keychain now uses two-factor authentication (TFA) as of DP5 of Mavericks; oddly, this is Apple actually playing catch-up, as other online storage products (notably SkyDrive) already use TFA. 3. iBooks I wondered why the Department of Justice (US) raised such a ruckus over iBooks - now I see why; included in DP5 is a completely separate iBooks Store. (There's quite a large collection of both fee (and free) iBooks on tap - among the free iBooks is the entirety of Sherlock Holmes, for example.) The $0.64USD question - will there be an iBooks client for Windows or Android?
  7. PGHammer

    Apple mail High CPU usage

    I haven't had any issues with Mail on any of Mavericks' DPs (currently running DP5). It's all the more amazing in the case of GMail, as that is my designated spamcatcher, and thus gets rather large. Still, DP4 and DP5 are further along, and therefore less likely to be as buggy as DP3.
  8. PGHammer

    nVidia web drivers

    Lastly, unless you need CUDA and/or PhysX support, the drivers themselves are pointless, even in Mountain Lion - the exception is if you have a GTX7xx or TITAN. GeForce 5xx and 6xx (up to and including the GTX5xx/6xx) are supported directly in ML and Mavericks - a lot more than can be said for their AMD equivalents (HD5xxx/6xxx). No, I'm NOT picking on AMD here - I migrated from HD5450 to my GTX550Ti, and I didn't even have OS X in mind when I migrated, for reasons having to do with getting a great hardware deal. However, my experience with the new (to me) GTX550Ti has been painless, and utterly, if not scarily, so.
  9. The OS is still in beta (and therefore still has bugs) - I tend to not like migrating from OS X version to OS X version; instead, I'll run them side by side and flat-out reinstall any apps I want to be commonplace (the same thing I tend to do when evaluating new versions of Windows, and for the same reasons). The only things I migrated were settings/such from iCloud, and that is entirely due to it BEING cloud-based. I ran into a different issue upgrading from DP4 to DP5 - my Mavericks partition got partially deranged and would not boot; fortunately, booting with the -v and -s switches uncovered the culprit (node settings derangement, apparently caused by the DP4-DP5 upgrade, which I downloaded from the App Store). Running fsck fixed the derangement, and let me FINALLY boot up DP5.
  10. Have you updated to DP2 or later? I have a GTX550 Ti, and while I had poor resolution (1024x768 - yeccch) and no QE/CI in DP1, that was fixed merely by updating to DP2 (running DP4 now). Once I get audio running, I'll have no need for ML at all.
  11. PGHammer

    Can't log into the Icloud

    I've had no trouble (using either Mac Pro or iMac profiles); this is also a desktop (ASUS P5G41M-LX2/GB). No wireless at all - wired gigabit (RTL8111D) requires a third-party kext (using Slice's excellent 3.02 kext in both ML and Mavericks); I even have IPv6 support (router is Netgear WNDR3700 v4).
  12. PGHammer

    NVidia GForce 8400GS Not Found OS X 10.9 Mavericks

    Have you updated to DP2 or later? I have a GTX550 Ti and I got everything back with DP2 (i'm now running DP4).
  13. PGHammer

    What's the cheapest GPU I can get for this build?

    Alternatively, a GTX550Ti *does* work - the quibble is that you have to get these used or refurbished. I have one (factory, as in nVidia, refurbished) that replaced a Visiontek HD5450 iSilence. Whereas the HD5450 was hard to get working, the Ti was painless, painless, painless. The default driver kext supports QE/CI, but not CUDA; the Web driver adds both CUDA and Physx support. I got it for $63.46 - including tax.
  14. Surprisingly, no. I merely added the module when doing an update install of the latest Chameleon - the installer added nvda_drv=1 itself as a default switch. Result - the Web driver loads on boot (which wasn't the case before); amusingly, this is the least painful driver change I've had to do (not merely in OS X, but the Windows side was shockingly painless as well).
  15. Just installed the updated driver (it was, in fact, an initial install, as I replaced my Visiontek HD5450 iSilence with a GTX 550 Ti). Painless, painless, painless. Getting ready to install CUDA now.