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osx86 installation questions


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Hello people,

I'm new to this but i still remember the first time i came on this forum.

At that time, my pc was an old pc now i have a better pc who may be able to run an osx86.


My questions are;


1st - I read a lot of guides on how to install osx86 but every guide ask me a pendrive 8gb. Well i don't have a 8gbpendrive..does this mean i should give up?

Or i can use a dvd as a pendrive?


2nd - Would i be able to make everything work? My pc specs are:


-Amd Athlon II X4 640 Processor 3.00 GhZ

-Nvidia Geforce GTS250 1024mb GDDR3

-ASRock N68-S3 UCC

-HP w2007v (monitor)

-Via High Definition Audio

-Nvidia Nforce serial ATA controller



Hope to havea prompt reply! Ty in advance!

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AMD+nVidia is the worst possible combination for Mountain Lion: you'll have to remove the Geforce OpenGL kexts, meaning no graphics acceleration, otherwise your system won't boot at all. Your options are the following:


1) Use Mountain Lion without QE/CI, which is a pain, unless you intend to limit your usage to audio editing and coding;


2) Use Mountain Lion running on a Virtual Machine: same as above, but with another downside, which is the possible audio performance loss. On the other hand, it's safe and easier to troubleshoot;


3) Switch to or use a spare ATI 5xxx or 4xxx series card you already have: ATI+AMD is doable for Mountain Lion and, with specifically the HD5450 Silent (device ID 0x68F91002) it will work with almost no glitches;


4) The best option, which will give you a system as reliable and smooth as any vanilla Intel rig: use Lion 10.7.5 with one of Bronzovka's current kernels.


Ask help is this topic and good luck: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285760-help-topic-further-help-in-chatosx86hulegacykernel-irc/page__st__1180#entry1912502


All the best!

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Well i used Hazard ...after some problems with usb devices, now everyting run...My last problems are:


Network (not working)

Screen Resolution (low {censored} want some high def graphic)

And Language!


Can someone help with these 3 steps?

I don't know where to find kext and how to make them work/install. Ty

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I'm guessing that like most distros, Hazard removes some features to save space, that means you lose some languages.


Nobody can help you with network unless you post more information about your hardware.


Hazard is Snow Leopard right? Try the Snow Leopard Nvidia Quadro 4000/GTX 285 drivers. Download them from nvidia, same place you download drivers for Windows. Make sure you get the correct version for the version of Snow Leopard you're running.


You'll also need to set GraphicsEnabler=y in /Extra/whatever.Boot.plist or you can try NVEnabler.kext. Don't try both at once.

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Well i resolved the language problem by put my language at 1st spot in the list!

Then, i solved the video card problems upgrading from 1.6.2 to 1.6.8 and installing an utility who auto start system with some commands (GraphicsEnabler=Y included)


Now my only problem is connection...I have internet connection because i installed 2 things...1st a kext i dont' remember the name...(it wasn't working at all) then an Nvidia nforce driver for the network card...Now my connection works...

But when i open more stuff like chrome,skype etc etc toghether connection is gone...

Or better let's say that:


I turn on the pc...Is connected...I open chrome or safari or else...I download a file.. When it is complete, if i try to download another file, it starts the download at 500+ kbs then in less than it stops and i can see the connection going down to 450...449 448 447 446 to less than 100...But in reality even when is 446 it is not downloading at all...Infact if i try to open a web page it don't load...


So i have this non properly working ethernet line...


My network card should be a nvidia nforce..that's what it usually say...but i'm looking at a website and it say this:


LAN - Realtek PHY RTL8201EL

- Speed: 10/100 Ethernet

- Supporta Wake-On-LAN

- Supporta PXE

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