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I'm posting this because I want to see what the best move to make is. I am coming from a live band situation and I have recently bought a macbook pro. I want to see how other people have married these two words , i.e. : What interface did you use....


Post all your gear and setup! This is the bling bling of the audioworld. Post pics !!



Macbook Pro 15.4 inch 2.16ghz/2gb.


Korg Triton (booo)

fantom (boo)

68 telecaster

deville 2x12

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Trem-O-Verb

Scecter C-1 classic


MusicMan Stringray

Ampeg SVT

Stage Rhodes


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Podcasting/Personal Music Recording:

PowerMac G5

Heil PR-40

Heil Boom Arm

Behringer UB802 Mixer

Presonus EUREKA Preamp, compressor, and Parametric EQ

Logic Express/DSP Quattro/Audacity

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After I sold out a lot of hardware in the past years I found my way back to real gear instead of being a virtual knobs and wheels player. This is my current setup:


Sampler & Synths

Akai S1100 incl. SCSI & SMPTE board

Akai S3000i incl. SCSI, digital I/O card & SMPTE board

Akai XE-8

Korg 03R/W

Korg Wavestation SR

Moog Prodigy

Roland D-10

Roland DDR-100

Roland Juno-106

Roland JV-2080

Roland JX-3P

Roland MKS-7

Roland MKS-100



Behringer Eurodesk MX-8000 incl. Meterbridge MB8000A

Mackie CR-1604



Alesis Monitor One MK2

JBL Control-5



Aphex Systems 103 Aural Exiter Type C

Behringer Composer MDX-2000

Behringer Tube Composer T-1952

Behringer Tube Ultragain T-1953

Behringer Ultrafex EX-3000

dbx DDP incl. Digital I/O Card

Digitech StudioQuad

ETEK Xciter

SPL Vitalizer



Shure SM-58

Shure SM-94 (Condensator)

t.bone ST 1000 (Tube)



Sony DTC-670 DAT-Recorder

Tascam DA-20 MKII DAT-Recorder

Sony MDS-JE480 MD-Deck



AMD Athlon 3200 XP+, 512MB, 80GB, Win XP Pro SP2

Intel Celeron D 2.8 GHz, 512MB, 400 GB, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, MacOS X 10.4.7

Apple PowerMac G4/733 MHz, 1GB, 300GB, MacOS X 10.3.9 & 10.4.7

Apple PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0 GHz, 2GB, 160 GB, MacOS X 10.3.9

Apple PowerBook Titanium (15", 1.25 GHz, 40GB, 512MB), MacOS X 10.4.7

Apple PowerMac 9600/300/384MB, MacOS 9.2.1



Digidesign Audiomedia III

Emagic Audiowerk 2

Emagic Audiowerk 8

RME Hammerfall DSP (PCI & PCMCIA)

RME Multiface


Applications & Sequencer

Digidesign ProTools LE 5.2.1 (OS9)

Emagic Logic Audio Platinum 4.8.1 (OS9)

Emagic Logic Audio Platinum 5.5.0 (OS9)

Emagic Logic Audio Platinum 5.5.1 (XP)

Apple Logic Pro 7.2.3 (OSX)

Apple Logic Pro 7.2.3 (X86)

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no pics unfortunately


My setup is


Computer stuff:

AMD 3200+ Desktop

Dell 9100 Laptop

Delta 44 Audio interface

Midisport 4x4 midi interface

Focusrite Saffire LE Firewire interface

Radium 49 controller



2x Roland Juno 106

Access Virus B



Spirit F1 Mixer

2x technics 1200s

1x Vestax PDX 2000

Final Scratch



2x Spirit Absolute Zeros

2x Spirit Absolutes

(powered by peavey amp)

2x KRK Rokit 8s

1x Klipsch sub

4x Klipsch Quintets (for reference)


Honestly though its the thousands of cds/records/samples i've collected over the years that i value the most. Will probably get rid of the virus soon and get one of those novation controllers with the automapping. Hopefully it will make virtual knobs much more real without the hassle imo. The juno i'll keep because i cant emulate the sound with software yet.

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Nothing fancy, but can get the job done:


Powermac G5 dual 2.0 GHz

MOTU 24i interface

Digital Performer 5.0 w/waves, altiverb, powersuite


Macki 1604 VLZ pro

Behringer powerplay headphone amp

Yamaha REV100


Sure mics

AKG mics,

APEX mics - surprisingly good sounding chinese copies of neumann mics


Roland XP-50 synth

yamaha drums

les paul, yamaha SA2200, warmoth strat

g&l bass

various amps, headphones, etc.....

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Greetings all,


I currently use a G5 Dual 2.5 Ghz. Recently I have put together this box for complete replacement:


AsRock 945G-DVI

Intel E6600 (Core2Duo)

Dual Screen Setup (With ADD2 card and VGA onboard graphics)

2GB DDR2 667 RAM

500GB WD Serial ATA

M-Audio FireWire 410 (Works excellent)


Logic Pro 7.2.3

PhatMatik Pro 1.51.79 UB


By The Way, this system tears ass all over my previous G5 Dual 2.5ghz. However, its several steps backwards in a few critical aspects:


Current G5 - vs. - Core2Duo Hackmac

8GB --X-- 4GB

Full Dual screen support -- X -- Dual screen half ass (VGA + ADD2 Card DVI)

Supports 2 Apple Cinema Displays 20" -- X -- Cannot Support 2 Apple Cinema Displays.


Since onboard GMA 950 has to forcefully be connected through VGA and one ADD2 card, its impossible to connect 2 Apple Cinema Displays which only transmit Digital signal. A VGA to DVI plug will not work and the only other option is to get a Gefen analog to digital converter for $300. Even if I can get one for half as much, its still not true digital, besides, I have a big problem with paying $300 for something that will half ass my digital signal, not to mention I would rather get me a Mega Mad sick Nvidia or ATI card with 2 Dual Link DVI ports right on it.


In my opinion, Hackmacs and pro music is still pre-mature. The whole point of hacking OSX is to save on Apple Hardware. Its really down to this versus that. For example, Apple restricts your upgrades with its hardware, and for that we must pay $3000+ on the other side, we got Core2Duo systems that can upgrade as easy as getting a new mother board, CPU and RAM. Not to mention the variety of graphics cards we would have if it all actually worked.


Lets hope the boys over at the X Labs and the EFI project achieve their goal, sooner than later I hope. Leopard is around the corner and this whole 10.4.4 kernel has Apple laughing their asses off, like older kids who know how to tie their running shoes, while us pre-schoolers still got velcro-action Pro-Wings. My hat's off to the talented Gentlemen moving the project forward and bringing us closer toward complete integration of OSX and our beloved bare hands PC craftsmanship.




Prof. Synthology

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Heh, i don't normally like doing stuff like this but seeing as this is a dedicated post:



Akai S3200 XL Sampler

Akai S1000HD Sampler

Akai MPC2000XL Sampling Drum Machine

Sequential Studio 440 Sequencer & Sampler

Simmons Portakit Midi Drum Controller



Mackie 24:8

Behringer Eurorack MX2642A

Behringer Ultrapatch

Behringer Ultrapatch Pro

Studiomaster 8:4

Sony MDR 7509 Headphones

AKG K44 Headphones

Sony HD25SP Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT-100 Headphones

Assorted Crappy Headphones

Yamaha NS10Ms

2 x Samson Resolv 65 speakers

Alesis Monitor One MkII speakers

Wharfedale something-or-other speakers

Custom made "grot box" speakers

Samson Servo - 170 Amp

Footpring Amp

Yamaha Promix 01 set up for automated mixing via a Compaq Deskpro PC



Sequential Prophet VS

Korg M1R

Korg SP200

Korg EX-800

Korg 03R/W

Korg Electribe ER-1


E-MU Xboard 49

2 x Novation BassStation

Clavia Nord Rack

Quasimidi Sirius

Electronic Dream Plant Wasp

Voyager by Bob Moog (Anniversary Edition)

Evolution MK-149

Evolution MK-249c



2x Citronic PD1 Turntables

2x Stanton STR8 20s Turntables

2x Vestax PDX-2000 MKII Turntables

Gemini PMX-140 DJ Mixer

Numark DM-950 DJ Mixer

Citronic Pro 10 DJ Mixer

Soundlab DJM-500 Twin CD Decks

Realistic SSM-220 Mixer

Various PA Speakers and amps

Stanton Final Scratch 2 (a MUST HAVE piece of kit)



Vintage Roland Space Echo RE-201

Lexicon MPX1 Multi-FX

Alesis Midiverb

ART Multiverb LT

Sony MP5

Boss GT-8

Zoom Studio 1201

Yamaha SPX90

Antares Auto-Tune Module

Focusrite Compounder

2 x Behringer Composer Pro Compressor

4 x Behringer Multicom Pro Compressor

Behringer Shark DSP110

Behringer Tube Ultrafex

Sherman Filterbank



2 x Alesis ADAT 8-Track Recorders

1 x Aleses HD24

Sony DTC1000 ES DAT Machine

Tascam DA20 DAT Recorder

HHB BurnIT CD Burner

Shure SM57

Samson C01

AKG C414

Shure 52CD Green Bullet



Tama Superstar Custom Drum Kit with full range of factory chosen Zildjian Cymbals

Full Percussion Rig

Yamaha Upright Piano

Vintage Electro Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone Les Paul Special II Guitar

2x Takamine Acoustics (one 6 string, one 12 string)

Custom made electric guitar

Custom made electric guitar (with built in vintage effects)

Customized Ibanez RG guitar

Coupla other guitars i really can't remember

Stagg FL-200 Fretless Bass Guitar

Washburn BT-2 Guitar

Arbeiter “Flats” Drum Kit



3x Apple Macbook Pro (15.4" 2GHz)

Apple PowerBook G4

IBM Thinkpad T42

Rackmount Logic Node (in my sig)

Miglia Harmony Audio Firewire Interface

M-Audio Firewire 410

Edirol UA-25 USB2 Audio Interface

6 x Monitors of varying sizes (from 15" to 28")

Various External Hard Drives

2x Netgear ND520 Network Hard Drives

Evolution UC-16

MOTU MidiExpress XT

Belkin Nostromo

Athlon XP 2400+ PC with dual monitors

RME Hammerfall DIGI 9636/52 ADAT Interface (why don't they make these any more?!)

AudioTrak Inca 88 Analogue Soundcard


Logic Audio 5.5.1 (PC) and Logic Pro 7.2 (Mac)


And the most important thing in the studio - the studio dog. He's my housepet too but loves being in the studio. Hence "studio dog", hes great for inspiration :D


Lol, don't think i've taken the time to actually write out all of this....i nicked it from my insurance list and added a coupla things i've bought since.


Re: my post in the logic crack thread - this isnt me trying to show off...as i said at the start of this post, im doing it because its the post topic and hopefully if someone has some of the same kit as me and needs help, theyll know i can help :)





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Kurzweil PC1X

Yamaha DX7II with E! Card

m-audio Axiom 61



Behringer Eurorack Mix 1604A

Sony MDR 7506 Headphones



Dell Inspiron 9300

2.0 GHz Pentium M

1.25 MB RAM

60 GIG 7200 RPM Internal HD

300 GIG USB 2.0 External HD

250 GIG USB 2.0 External HD



m-audio Firewire 410

E-MU 1616

Shure SM58



Yamaha Stage Custom Fusion

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wow, you guys have a lot of tools to play with ;-)


currently i´m making music with a cheap aiwa soundsystem, an even cheaper behringer mixer, one old uc-16 and my shiny new mac book pro (seems like the best of my stuff hm?)...and ableton live 5 (soon 6)....thats all i neeeeeeeed ;-)


can´t compare with you guys...it´s just for fun!

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wow, you guys have a lot of tools to play with ;-)


currently i´m making music with a cheap aiwa soundsystem, an even cheaper behringer mixer, one old uc-16 and my shiny new mac book pro (seems like the best of my stuff hm?)...and ableton live 5 (soon 6)....thats all i neeeeeeeed ;-)


can´t compare with you guys...it´s just for fun!


Doesn't matter what kit you've got, its how you use it! Some of the beatles most famous recordings were recorded on just a 4-track with no outboard gear - you just tend to accumulate kit the longer you do music for...macbook pro is a good way to go tho :compress: if you look at my kit list you'll find a ton of behringer stuff - IMO the stuff they make that isnt trying to copy something is actually pretty damn good! The UC-16 is an amazing piece of kit - again i've got one for purely controlling the automation arming on my automated mixer/computer system.


Plus, i dont think theres any "comparing" with kit - i honestly believe that someone with just a laptop could easily make a piece of music way better than someone with a coupla mil worth of kit.


Just thought id say that before this started turning into a competition lol



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My setup:


Dell Ultrasharp widescreen


2 Nearfield Monitors KRK ST8

2 original Auratone Cubes used as secondary Nearfields


Roland VS 1680 Mixer/Remote

PC Audio is EMU 1010 with protools ad/da

Also I have a Yamaha 1000XG to have all their orig. synths


Software: -censored- :compress:


All hooked up via coax or optical. Another Evolution remote give me some

more knobs to control efx or sysex.

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No pics yet cos we're still in the process of getting a control room sorted out ( with proper sound proofing cos of neighbours and all...) Most of the gear below is neatly stowed away for now :blink:

This is all 'collected' over the last 20 years or so.


Yamaha 02R with 2 ADAT cards

Yamaha DMP11

Lexicon LXP-15

Sony DPS-F7

Yamaha SPX90

Amek 9098 pre

Digitech Vocalist MkI

ADAT blackface

Microtech Gefell UMT70S

Electrovoice RE20

Samson Servo 200



Quested S7

S1000 + SCSI

Kurzweil K2000

Korg 03R/W

Yamaha TX81Z

Novation Bass Station

Korg Polysix (original 81 model MIDI-fied)

Moog Prodigy

Fender Strat

Warwick 5-string bass


DIY comp with RME DIGI 9652 running Cubase 4 and a few plugs


Mobile unit 1:

MacBook with M-Audio Projectmix and Cubase 4


Mobile unit 2:

Acer laptop with M-Audio FW410, Cubase SX3 and Protools M-powered 7


I reckon a Hackintosh with as most compatible as possible hardware runs actually very well with DAW software.




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Yeah! Somone else has an 03R/W! I absolutely LOVE that synth....its all about the "ephimerals" patch. Kickass.



Yea nice one mate. I admit I haven't used any of the presets in ages but I reckon it's perfect for those House pads with an e-piano-ish 'rubbery' attack. Wicked!

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My very, very humble setup:


1x Stanton T60 turntable

1x Behringer DJX400 DJ Mixer (what a load of {censored})

1x Sennheiser HD 212 Pro Headphones

1x Digidesign MBox USB Audio Interface

1x E-MU 0404 PCI Audio Interface

A pair of Alesis M1 Active Studio monitors

1x Radikal Technologies SAC Controller

1x old crappy MIDI keyboard (from the 80s or something!)

1x USB MIDI interface (cheap one-in one-out brandless thing)

1x really cheap Microphone that I should throw away soon...

Add to that a brandless electro acoustic guitar and a couple of percussion bits...


Software: Ableton Live 6 and assorted VSTs...


Should have a pic soon when I move to my own little space I'll call "studio"...

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Rythm Box


Roland Tr-808

Roland Tr-909

Korg ER1




Yamaha Su700




Waldorf Pulse

Korg Microkorg




Roland Vm3100


Audio interfaces


Motu 828mk2

Presonus Firestation ( used as adat module only )




Yamaha HS80 M




M audio midiman 2*2




AMD 3200+64 1g DDR400 200GBHD

Intel Core duo 2 EE6600 GA965p-dq6 2G DDR800 DD 2*250 RAID0




Ableton Live 6, Cubase SX3 & soon Logic Express on my hackintoch :construction:

Toons of plugins :dev:

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HP DC7600, PENTIUM D 950, 2GB DDR2, 250GB HDD X 4







Edited by reghost
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1 x MAC PRO 2,66 GHZ

1 x TASCAM US-428

2 x Access Virus TI Polar

1 x UCF CME PRO Masterkeyboard

1 x 30" Dell tft

1 x 24" Dell tft



Cubase 4

Live 6



Battery 3 and Izope Ozone

much more, but not in use... cause of virus ti polar




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hi everybody, nice to meet you...

this is my setup:





Pmac G5 dual 1,8 ghz, 2.5 gb ram, 4 hd 120,2 hd fw 250gb, dvd-r,rw, Tc powercore pci,

macbook pro intel core 2 duo 2,33, 2gb ram 12o gb Hd, Pbook G4 550, 512 mb ram; 1 monitor apple lcd + 1 monitor apple crt digital 17"


Pc 3 ghz, 1gb ram, monitor 17”lcd




Motu 828 mkII & MKI fw


Pulsar plus


Waveterminal U24


Midi :


Motu fastlane usb-Motu microlite usb-Midiman oxygen 8-Roland u 20-Fatar studio 1176-Roland D50-Softwares:


Digital Performer 4.6 - Motu Mach five - Motu Ethno - Spectrasonics Stylus Rmx, Athmosphere, Trilogy - Plugsound box - Charlie , moog modular, minimoog - Reason 3 - Vienna gold - Recycle2.0 - Cubase sx - Peak dv 4.1 - Acid - Antares Autotune 4




Mackie Hui, Apogee mini-Me, Apogee mini Dac,Tube tech CL2, Joemeek channel strip VC1Q, Dbx 386 digital out, tl audio 5013, line 6 pod pro,line 6 bass Pod, audioscope, fostex vm 200, dat sony dtc 690,teac cd recorder, 2 minidisc sony, mackie 1404 vlz, ampli fender twin, roland gr 1-gk2, finale 2155 e pre 1020B Nad




JBL 4313 b studio monitor - Yamaha ns 10 m pro - Bheringer Truth B2031A




beyerdynamic dtc 990, Dt 970 pro, akg 240, 270




2 Neumann kms 184 nl, akg 414 uls b-tl II, rode nt 2, akg c 1000, AKG D112, stagg condenser mic, shure beta 87, shure sm 57,3 sm 58, sennheiser 855.

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