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  1. Snow Leopard on Inspiron 530

    I installed the Netkas kext but that didn't make any difference. Any other ideas?
  2. Snow Leopard on Inspiron 530

    I followed weeze's guide and added in Mattisz's kexts, and I updated Chameleon and I got 99% of everything working (thanks guys!!) on a USB drive. The only thing that's not working is my DVD drive, a HP 1270i, which worked in Leopard. I'm thinking that I can only see 1 SATA drive and that's why it won't recognize my DVD drive. In System Profiler the only device listed under Serial-ATA is my Windows Drive, but I only have one HD installed in the system itself (I have lots of external storage, and my massive gfx card blocks one of the internal hard drive slots). How can I tell if the problem is the SATA problem or SL not recognizing the DVD drive?
  3. Dell Inspiron 530 Help

    I do have two internal drives. Why do you think that would make a difference?
  4. Dell Inspiron 530 Help

    randy11: I did the same install on an Inspiron 530 onto an external HD, but osx doesn't recognize my internal hard drives. Do you have the same experience, and have you found a fix?
  5. Firefox 3.0 RC1 Released!

    lol - me too - that is definitely the extension I most rely on. Although, I found a nightly build that worked with b5.
  6. Firefox 3.0 RC1 Released!

    Firefox 3 is a great browser - speed, performance, a great browser made better.
  7. Installing on Dell Inspiron 530

    I took the plunge and installed it on a USB hard drive and almost everything works flawlessly, except one thing: it doesn't recognize my internal hard drives, although it does recognize other USB drives. Any ideas?
  8. Installing on Dell Inspiron 530

    What if I have two drives, have vista on one, and partition the other and install osx on the second one?
  9. Installing on Dell Inspiron 530

    Thanks for your detailed experience. Have you tried dual booting with Vista, and if so, what's the best way to do it?
  10. Installing on Dell Inspiron 530

    I've got the same system too. Do you guys dual boot with Vista? How did you set that up - are there any issues you ran into with this system?
  11. iATKOS Close To Release

    Dense - I can't wait for your DVD - I have the same system as you. Why not start a fresh topic?
  12. Need info from hack users

    Inspiron 9300. Wireless works without edits (Dell truemobile) ethernet doesn't (Broadcom 440), even with tiger ionetworking.kext, Gfx (Nvidia 6800 Go) works with titan and adding ids to stock gfx kexts, sound (Sigmatel Stac97) works with appleac97audio.kext, using efi v. 4.
  13. Leopard on SSE2 Howto here!

    this works on your dell inspiron 9300?
  14. Dell 9300 with uPhuck 10.4.9 v1.4i r3 ?

    For the Uphuck install, just edit 3 gfx kexts (Geforce, NVDAResman, NVDANV40Hal) and add the 6800 Go DevID (0x00c810de), install titan and everything should work. I'm having a similar problem but with the 10.4.10 DVDs (Kalyway and XxX). I've tried everything and I can't seem to get CI/QE working. I can get Titan/Natit to load and I have full resolution, but no matter what combination I try, I can't get CI/QE. Can anybody help?
  15. M-Audio FW 410 drivers acting up

    There are other topics which discuss this issue, but what's happening is that each time you swap OSes, the OS has to flash the 410's firmware. Until it completes flashing, you get the distortion. You don't actually have to reinstall the drivers, just reboot with the 410 turned on a couple of times and the OS should automatically re-flash the firmware. Unfortunately, there's no easy swap solution for the 410.