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  1. another culprit for cracking and popping is the buffer speed of the processor. too low , and you get cracking and popping . too high , and you get latency. I think maybe what you did was take a load off of the processor which in turned leveled the buffer out. just a thought....
  2. Logic 7: Where's the sound?

    hmmmmm , i have no hackintosh experience , but my guess is maybe to got to Audio Midi Setup and mak and aggregate device. I know that your input and output have to be the same thing in Logic.
  3. I dont know bro. Unless you know Hex code and a whole lotta of GUI script and Cocoa , i dont know if thats going to be happening anytime soon. FXPanion makes a wrapper that converts some VST's into AU's , but thats all i know of. holla
  4. Shortly after posting this , I found that iZotope's Ozone is a great program for spectrum analysis and mastering with a myriad of presets and snapshot capability. It's definitely one of the few plug-in spectrum tools for the Intel generation. Cool!
  5. I am having a hell of a time trying to setup some method of montoring the frequencies of my tracks in Logic in hopes of taking a decent stab at mixing. I am very novice when it comes to the art of mixing , and I would really like to become proficient. I need a way to monitor FREQs , and I run Logic Express 7.2 . I konw Logic Pro has Match EQ , but Im just not that much of a baller. Is there a cheaper solution ? Things I have tried : Faber Elextroacoustics Toolbox- Seemes like exactly what i needed , yet I have yet to succesfully route the audio to it via Soundflower , JackOSX , or any other method. I have opened a help dialogue with the manufacturers , but nothing is helping. Spectre - I got this from a "special" place , and its not working correctly. I also try different presets on plugs i have such as the Wave Arts stuff , but I yearn to understand things fully , as opposed to just placing arbitrary presets on tracks. Any helps , suggestions , or other information regarding gettign started on serious mixing would be very appreciated. Mixing examples , cheap solutions , or even some Logic compatible templates would be great.I am hungry to dig in and learn , I just wanted to find some direction. Thanks, Coma PS- anyone who has an Intel Mac and has succesfully routed the audio to Faber via soundflower or jack OSX , please PM me!
  6. I come from a live band background , and i have to say that i detest the majority of the bass synth patches i own , and that is pretty much EVERY synth available for the Intel mac. Any tips or suggestions ? I have so many songs that just dont have basslines because of this issue. Do I really have to play all of the basslines DI into guitar rig? I dont mind , i just didnt think bass synths were that hopeless. Thanks.
  7. Luke , You are the f*ing man. THANKS! I was sampling the sounds out into logic , and then bringing them back in manually. PAIN in the ASS
  8. say you have a downtempo , trip-hop kinda song , and you want to throw a jungle drum loop in in place of the downtempo, more open or "half-time" one , how would you do that without changing the tempo of the song and effecting all the other instruments? I want to keep everything the way it is except for the drums. When i load a jungle loop into Dr. Rex at 73 bpm , it sounds like {censored} , as it should. How do I in effect "isolate" that one Dr. Rex and make it play at 143 (twice the tempo of the song) to get it so the jungle pocket does what it should. My mother says that i always overthink things and make them harder than they have to be . If im doing that now , i apologize in advance. Thanks {censored}heads.
  9. I used a Lambda and there was no latency. I used an Mbox 1 and there cracking and popping , and then when i increased the buffer size , i got hella latency. Any suggestions? thanks Macbook Pro , 2GB ram
  10. Rip audio from YouTube etc

    theres an App called "tubesock" . its the {censored}. get it.
  11. How come Logic automatically recognizes some loops as needing to be time sensitive and not others. Some sound samples I import give the option to "Follow Temp" in the chanel strip and others don't . Anyone have any clue? Note: these are samples , not official "Loops" with tempo data embeded etc.
  12. Amnesiac

    Hey JD , thanks for being a huge resource to this community. I appreciate the post on the MPC 2500 topic too. I was basically a big fan of your huge thread , i installed alot of stuff from various places , and I had a sweet drop down menu under the Inserts tab on the channel strip that had the instrument effects. I reinstalled everything and I cant find them a anymore. Any ideas ?
  13. studio gear to go along with a macbook

    hey pedro. I have similar questions . i posted a thread titled "post your studio setup" to try and entice some people into shedding some light or making suggestions , but to no avail. This forum seems to be very self-serving. If theres a post about getting an illegal software working , then there will be a mulititude of replies and PAGES of activity. But if there is a simple newcomer asking a question that would take a veteran 2 seconds to answer , please believe it will not get answered . This is not the "community" that i hoped it would be . Lend a hand people. Mackie makes a beautiful mixer with firewire capabilities called "Onyx". It's really a space/money saver in the end because in consolidates a miixer and an interface purchase into one. Check it out here : http://www.mackie.com/products/onyx1220/ it comes in different sizes and variations to fit your situation. It's a tough sonofabitch too , so no worries about traveling. You'll also need a good midi controller. If you're primarily a keys person , then invest in a substantial keyboard format controller like these : www.ramelectronics.net/html/keyboard-controllers.htm its really a matter of needs and preferance here. If you're mainly a percussion person like me , go with my personal favorite , the MPC2500. It communicates flawlessly with a computer via USB and has been the premiere standalone drum machine for 20+ years. If you've never heard the name , you've heard its work!! Totally unmatchable . I could go on for days but check it out for yourself : www.akaipro.com I couldn't recommend anything more crucial than an MPC... Though you're waiting for the core 2 duo models , don't expect oo much more in terms of performance in the audio side. RAM is of much more importance for these kinds of applications so dont skip the RAM. www.newegg.com has 1GB sticks for $99 bucks! I'll post more as it comes. Educate yourself about the UB (universal binary) topic on intel rams. theres a severe drought of software for these machines. peace!
  14. lol , not even like that bro. Im just sayin , there IS a post on this forum with 70,000 views thats dedicated to the fact that logic pro 7 HAS NOT BEEN CRACKED AT ALL..... Ever