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  1. Amd Radeon HD 7*** issue

    hi, i am looking to buy an and 7970 card too. can you tell me if QE and Open CL is working? also is DVI-D dual screen possible? with monitors 2560 x 1440 ? thank you
  2. @JahStories yes i believe i expect osx looks very beautiful on the surface, better then win8.1 hehe. how about battery life with mavericks on that? when wifi will work i will go to buy it, unfortunately with just one usb port and no working wifi yet, i can't use it very well. for wifi, did you try to inject device and vendor id of marvel card in this file already? /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleYukon.kext/Content/Info.plist
  3. so touch driver is now completely working with these drivers? that would be awesome... time for buy a new toy hehe
  4. i have same main board and same cpu. For me speedstep and turboboost is working out of the box with clover boot loader and F14 Bios. (dsdt i only use for getting mobo sound card and hdmi sound working) Only issue here: Turboboost is max 3,7ghz as its configured in bios for 4 cores, i don't know if its osx / mac issue at all, but i never reach stock 1-core turbo fqz 3,9 ghz. Only way is: set turbo boost in bios to all cores at 3,9 ghz or higher (for me i can do 4,4ghz with Thermaltake cooler) system is stable, but gets noisy due to higher rpm of cooler. make sure you use Imac 12,2 or higher Smbios (speedstep is not working when you are using Mac Pro definition)
  5. OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    i am having 10.9 dp6 on my hackintosh and its working pretty well. there i have no problems with following: Final Cut Pro X - Media Library Scrolling Safari - Facebook Upload Fotos Now i am on my Macbook Retina and i updated from DP1 to DP7, so i didn't test on DP6 those things. On DP7 on macbook 15 retina i have 2 issues: Final Cut Pro X - Media Library Scrolling has graphic glitches (when i scroll down, it stays, after that i have to minimize fcpx and maximize again and i see the correct media library position) Safari - When i want to upload a picture on Facebook, it would open the finder window, it stays on documents folder and freeze. When i force quit to safari, finder window keeps for a while open and gets graphic glitches until it disappear. In the meanwhile i tested it on DP6 on my Hack. now i am a bit worried to upgrade my Hackmac to DP7. Can somebody confirm if those issues are working somewhere else? Otherwise i would try to take DP6 Graphic Drivers on DP7 System. I am just worried to kill my macbook system. And i don't want to reinstall the Beta :/ Thank you very much for helping me out.
  6. Bunch of Problems!

    try to use kext files from ML for sound and bluetooth. For Icloud stuff: delete all adapters in network and delete library/preferencey/systemconfiguration/networkpreferences.plist Reboot go to network and add again wifi adapter this way it works for me with "LAN Adapter" good luck
  7. Mavericks is working pretty well on GA z77 d3h with i3770k and gtx570 -usb3 works with lacie driver -sleep and wake up works oob -skype new version is not working, i installed earlier version which is working -heaven 4 benchmark works perfect, finaly with tesslation thanks to opengl 4 -final cut pro x running very well -cuda apps are working (adobe premiere, after effects) not running: -sound from mainboard is not working, but i didnt try to use patched applehda.kext, cause i have usb soundcard -GRID Game is crashing at start (on my macbook with mavericks its working) (maybe related to soundcard? i should test on Hackmac with ML ) -Diablo III is not working (not on hackmac and not on macbook) -every 3rd party ntfs driver is not working yet (paragon, tuxera, ntfs-3g, sl-ntfs) at all system seems pretty stable and very fast, i have full CL, QE, CUDA, RESOLUTION Support. as i use a 27" inch monitor with 2560x1440 monitor, i cant test HD4000 graphic (supports only 1920x1200 and not dual DVI)
  8. 10.5.6: USB kein Plug&Play mehr....:-(

    how you get back the full support? i tried all patches... nothing works on my p5w dh
  9. i know that i cant have more native resolution. but for example: in windows i can choose on the same macbook a resolution with 1900x1200 or more... the desktop will not scaled (you dont see the complete desktop on your screen), you need to move it with the mouse its a pitty that there is no way
  10. Resolution Independence

    when i use the global command... my dock and the mouse dont change the resolution... mmmhhhh so i get many problems with applications to work on it. is there any solution for really complete global change????
  11. Hey Amigos... i have one question... is there any possibilty to increase a non native resolution on macbook pro under leopard? i have 1440x900 native... but i really want 1920x1200... for me is not nessecary if its like in windows (that the screen move, when you go with mouse pointer on border of screen) or its scaled resolution with not so sharpen image. is there any way to do that? thanx a lot
  12. Who is using a firewire based interface?

    edirol fa-66 fw soundcard works really well in logic 8 and ableton.
  13. satan ace: try to disable IRQ for Graphic Adapter in BIOS. looks like that USB Controller and Graphic Adapter share the same IRQ. what you can use else: try different USB Ports (i have problems with my virus ti on some usb ports) check out what happens, when you disable USB2.0 in BIOS, when that helps you should think about for usb pci card. disable ps2 keyboard and mouse, use instead usb mouse / keyboard

    yes... but i am sure... that many here use the logic pro pkg only which is only 230 mb of course i mean the difference between that installation (230 mb logic pro only) and the first dvd content.

    one test more... guys... its really important that you installed the full content of logic 8 for this benchmark. yesterday i made blank install of 10.5.4 and copy only the logic pro application to my application folder. There was no Content installed for Logic on this harddrive. When i run benchmark i got amazing 37 Tracks and was really excited, that a blank install of 10.5.4 gave me so many more performance. Then ok... installation went on... i installed complete package of logic 8 (first dvd, with impulse response and reverb presets) then i open performance test again... and see: only 28-29 tracks (same like before reinstall my system) try here try there... i de-install logic content and got back 36-37 tracks. so guys, this performance test is only for full content installs, or it doesnt show the correct power of your system.