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  1. Who is using a firewire based interface?

    The Focusrite Saffire LE works.
  2. My MIDI Keyboard does not work in Logic

    My keyboard didn't work without a driver: M-audio Radium 61
  3. Hi, For some strange reason when I try to watch videos on youtube they stop playing after 2 seconds even though they have completed loading/buffering. The same thing happens with the 'google videos' so i figure it's a problem on my side.... I have the latest version of flash player, tried both firefox & safari but no luck. Maybe my update to 10.4.8 caused this problem? Any suggestions as to how i can sort this out b4 i decide to revert to 10.4.7? oh and can someone that's also updated to 10.4.8 on OSX86 please check to see if they can watch videos on youtube?? Thanks...
  4. Did not fix the problem. but thanks anyway... Anymore suggestions anyone??
  5. Post your STUDIO SETUP.

  6. I updated to 10.4.7 as soon as i installed tiger which was around 1month ago. but ill try your suggestion and let you know what happens. thanks.
  7. Hi, I am having problems exporting video from FCP. Used to be fine but now it takes around 40mins to export 2mins of video with no effects, jus basic text. I have tried reinstalling FCP but it's still the same. The last program i installed before this problem arose was Little Snitch but i have removed it since...... system specs: tiger 10.4.6 jas dvd + tiger 10.4.7 jas update + semjaza stuff core 2 duo 2.13ghz,1gb,250gb gma950 graphics can anyone help? thanks oughost!
  8. Digital Noise

    This page may be of some help: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/G5/G5_noise_tips.html In the process of trying it now. oughost!

    According to the 'the man in the apple store' this is a rumour. The upgrade paths are the same. But i've heard different elsewhere. This issue is so unclear!!
  10. Mac only sees one of my windows partitions

    Erm, also, I'm not sure if Tiger can read compressed NTFS partitions (as it doesn't read mine). Don't quote me on this though... But check if your partition is not compressed. oughost!

    Since finding the solution to the problem you could have atleast pointed others in the right direction. Anyway, for others with the same problem check this post for the fix. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=22616 oughost!
  12. Digital Noise

    Hello. Been using Tiger for a while now and I've noticed that I hear quite a lot of digital/processing noise through my speakers when I'm doing stuff on my computer such as scrolling websites. I'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem or knows of a fix because it is quite annoying. However, when I boot into Windows XP, it's fine. My setup is as follows: Tiger 10.4.6 + 10.4.7 jas updates + semjaza 10.4.7 stuff. Asrock Conroe 945DVI M/B Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz 1GB Ram Focusrite Saffire LE (Soundcard) Belkin PCI Firewire card. oughost!
  13. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Results 138.01 Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 2.3GHz 2 x 512 DDR2 533MHz Asrock ConRoe945G-DVI Seagate ST3250820AS
  14. Buying a new PCI Firewire Card

    Hello, there appears to be a few of these now. Please can you let me know what the model number of your belkin pci firewire card is? Thanks.
  15. Hi, hmm, I also have this motherboard. The only problem is that the audio just does not seem to want to work. I've tried the link you posted but still no sucess. Onboard sound is also enabled in the bios. Help anyone? Thanks!