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  1. i have a similar problem and could not get any help by browsing hours in forums and wikis.. my wind / akoya is running 10.5.6 fine but every time i have to boot with the usb-key inside..windows boots fine. tried chain0 / tboot (which has not much instructions, could anyone point to a good tutorial?) / grub (scary stuff) and so on, cannot fix it. any help?
  2. i´m having it installed on my usb-key now. planning on copying this to my internal harddrive on my akoya/wind. last time i had it running from the internal, then installed some kexts and got a grey apple-like error-screen at boot. damn it takes long...oh yeah, and i did take a retail copy and integrated the modified boot132 version for my wind/akoya into it. thanks for the tutorial!
  3. yeah sure. its like i would say "america is invading other countries to get money". its just too short, a sentence without any explanations... i think americans have a problem with everything that comes from the eu...but thats another point... just think about it: 1. apple has no monopole like microsoft 2. even if, apples strategy would be to cooperate with the eu, not playing "hide and seek" (or completely ignore them)... 3. its not about certain parts of the software, its about the information you (have to) give out - microsoft, since ever, has important secrets which drive other competitors out of the race (beginning with the ntfs-standard, which is why macs cannot write on it - microsoft simply does not publish the code it would need) so open your eyes just a little more - its not the "evil eu", its a law that is important for the market, the americans should ask themselves why their government doesnt have such things...
  4. head

    Looking for good software!

    is this spam? this is spam - question and answer look the same...
  5. head

    Do you use iCal?

    ohh yeah - cannot imagine to live without it... i can export my classes in university to ical, meetings, to-do´s etc - and all is synced up in my mobile... with mail and its new features it makes a damn good mix.,.. still looking for something even more project-management-oriented: any help?
  6. head

    trillian Astra (4.0) on mac os X ?

    adium has so many shortcomings, i hope there will be some competition on the market!
  7. good that i did not get an invite until now ;-)
  8. you know that you actually have to pay for ableton live? dont forget that when you are switching from a cracked version - the last fully running version of life on a mac (without having to pay) is version 4. so let some money over to buy this piece of software...
  9. head

    Do You Really Pay For Windows?

    i don´t even pay for os x, so why send monopolymicrosoft some money? the only software i bought in the last 5 years or so is ableton live - because the newer versions cannot be cracked, and im very happy with it.
  10. head

    pro evolution

    oh my god i thought this topic was referring to people who are pro the evolutional theory ;-) the word soccer should have been in there to avoid confusion ;-)
  11. haha great ;-) yeah, i´m in neverending fear of those terrorists. they destroy nations, send out men to do unbelievable evil things, they are not fond of the rules civilization has set so far. and no, i dont mean any little religious groups, taken as aim for the mass media and the dumb population of the world to shoot on - i mean your political and economic system and the people involved there, AMERICANS. i´m normally not the guy who is pointing fingers at someone, but this time (for me) its clear that there were "interests" which were the reason for all that terrorism-{censored}. now you wanna say: hey, he watched some of those even more biased videos on google-video - and yes i did. but my inner decision to not believe that {censored} they publish trough mass media is far older than your "sacred day" 9/11. economic interests vs. humanity - economy wins, and that since decades. thats why i do not wanna travel to the states. for me, the real terrorists sit in the highest chairs, and can do what they want with support of several industry-branches... now shoot at me.
  12. head

    Ten reasons you should get Vista.

    this is soooo funny - i thought this was a joke first, then i saw that it is true ;-) these points are the weakest reasons i ever read for anything - george bush could find better reasons for the irak-war ;-) crazy, maybe i´m a little fanboyish, but calling these "reasons" the "reasons why you should get vista" are just a laugh if you use os x. how many of you windows fanboys sat down before a mac, without prejudices, trying to work with it for several days (not minutes)? i cannot figure out how to NOT get convinced! ok, windows-powerusers and the senseless-gaming-fraction will still use the {censored} they get as a meal, but i prefer to eat good food ;-)
  13. head

    What DON'T you do in OS X?

    nothing. well - besides getting errors ;-) ahh yeah, we had a server running winxp (now ubunto) doing our filesharing-stuff...
  14. Mozy just released a Beta-Version of their Online-Backup-Software - looks interesting, i´m checking it right now. Uploading with speeds above 300kbyte/s, the program has a nice interface on which you can define what to back up (word files, presentations, music, photos, or "normal" file-based-dialogs) .. looks cool, here is my referral link (i get 1 gb of space additional for 4 referrals...just thought you should know that) https://mozy.com/?ref=Z4CUXK Link without referral: http://www.mozy.com Thank you for your attention ;-)
  15. head

    Google maps. from Hamburg to New York

    yeah - easy to get there ;-)