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GPU Test 0.4 (TessMark, FurMark, GiMark,...) good OpenGL Bench!


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Hi, someone ported the well known openGL(DirektX) benchmark to OS X OpenGL.
Was updated to version 0.4  with adding 3 new Benchtypes: PixMark Piano: and PixMark Volplosion and enabled Tesselation bench(Tess may work but in software mode if gpu cant do that in HW)


5 benches are available ( one, TessMark needs tesselation in driver + gpu hw ).

9600 GT / 10.8.4 :
Furmark windowed 800x500 : 1888 points (31 FPS)
Pixmark Piano : 4 FPS
PixMark Volplosion : 16 FPS

Tess : 1-3 FPS = software renderer (CPU), even in 10.9 DP1, gpu type cant do tess 






Bildschirmfoto 2013-06-12 um 12.04.53.jpg

Bildschirmfoto 2012-11-20 um 08.21.55.jpg

Bildschirmfoto 2012-11-20 um 08.21.21.jpg

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Thanks - we collect the results and i will put them (later) in the first post.

Seems that some Nvdia gpus have probs (very less points) with the GiMark (its an huge instances OpenGL task).


PS: To 9600GT user, Your FPS values are a bit low compared to mine (also 9600GT card / OS X 10.8.2) . Or is that an 9600M ?


Some results iMac 2011:




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Some OpenGL 3.x features for sure supported -not all (features) up to 3.3. The main missed by HW (gpu cant do) some by the drivers.

OpenGL Extensionsviewer can show whats supported. Here my 9600 GT - only much newer Nvidia gpus will have 100% support of 3.x

Fermi or kepler nvidia gpus will have much more available. GTX 260 will not have so much more.

Normally doesnt matter for Games on OS X - i tgink none of newer OpenGL features are used (as a must to have).

Bildschirmfoto 2012-11-22 um 12.49.57.jpg

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To all: please submit at least one 800x500 windowed result. (like Slice)

fullscreen results, also interersting, but often cant be compared, because users have different sized (max. XxY size) tfts/monitors.

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