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  1. Kernel panic at bluetooth kext

    Same thing.
  2. Kernel panic at bluetooth kext

    Still getting the same thing unfortunately.
  3. Kernel panic at bluetooth kext

    PCIRootUID=1 or 0 reboots when it gets to PCI configuration begin. The rest get me the same result as before,stuck at DSMOS or Bluetooth.
  4. Kernel panic at bluetooth kext

    Tried it. Same thing.
  5. Kernel panic at bluetooth kext

    I dont understand either.Everything I tried just ends up hanging at either DSMOS has arrived or Bluetooth transport protocol and eventually restarts.
  6. Kernel panic at bluetooth kext

    I am using hdmi. Just tried dvi,same thing.
  7. Kernel panic at bluetooth kext

    Tried it,no go.If i dont add npci=0x2000 it just reboots but with it it just hangs at this: I only have FakeSMC and NullCPUPowerManagement kexts injected.
  8. Kernel panic at bluetooth kext

    This somewhat helped. But now it hangs at this: Its been a long time since I had to reinstall Mac OS. This is my config.plist from Clover: config.txt Thanks
  9. I am trying to boot El Capitan install from USB created with one of the tools here from this site. I have tried everything to boot but I keep getting this kernel panic: I am running out of ideas. My system is in signature.
  10. Ok im pretty sure this is a Mac os problem rather than with my router but the wifi card in my sig does not want to connect to wifi if its channel is set to 40 mhz ( 300 Mbit ) i can only get it to connect when the channel is set to 20 mhz. Booting into windows and ubuntu connects fine with 300 mbit. Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. Yeah the scene is darker than normal.
  12. Whats wrong with my Luxmark? Always fails.