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Installing iATKOS L2 on HP Compaq Presario B1200

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Hi I have HP Compaq Presario B1200 laptop. I want to install iATKOS L2, please help me.

I tried but some stime setup hangs on Apple Logo. Sometime on boot blackscreen. Sometime installation complete but on restart it again hand on logo. Thats all i know..





160 GB hard

360 MB graphic card.


Thanks in Advance.

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after install it


Boot with -s (single user) and run


fsck -fy
mount -uw /
mkdir /kext_backup
cd /System/Library/Extensions
mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelSNB*  /kext_backup


u video is giving problems, maybe no supported in mac os x


try also this boot file for u video (experimental)




good hack

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u ran that after install it, u said before u install it , but no first boot...


u can't run this in dvd, u can not write there


that is for do after install the system in the hd


like the file in boot to try


u can't modify the image in the dvd, only in usb pen


try to boot the dvd with


-v GraphicsEnabler=No


good hack

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Thanks . I am still unable to install it on my laptop. Now i tried it on my Desktop. Here is my full experience/detail/error i face.


i just installed iATKOS L2 on my desktop, which is already running windows 7 in C drive.

So i make a alone drive of 22 GB and boot iATKOS L2 from DVD and installed it on that drive.

When Installation complete, Step ask for RESTART.

I Restart the system but "Boot0:error" appeared. But I managed to recover this error by booting from DVD again and select SYSTEM RESERVED partition to boot, which let me enter to Windows 7. Then I installed easyBCD and do some configuration and boot error was going.

Now when I select to boot from OS X option. It shows Apple logo and restart the system after 5-6 seconds. Then I boot again from iATKOS L2 DVD and boot woth OS X partion but It give me an error "Unsupported Card" which I by passed with "GraphicsEnabler=No" command and the Apple Logo and working ciircle keep working. Then I the boot with "GraphicsEnabler=No -v" which shows some commands and hangs on "Still waiting for root device".

Please help me to solve the error. "Still waiting for root device" so i get into OS X and resolve my graphics card error "Unsupported card".

I am totally new to this OS86X project.

I tried following commands but same error.





Here are my specs..

Dell Optiplex 745 Core2Duo


ATI 5450 1GB


Thank You


EDIT: Should I start a new post for my desktop or still use this post???

Edited by sulemanzp

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Use a retail method. It is easier to fix issues. See my sig for guide.


Rampage Dev Sir I found your post very informative.. My issue is that I have only Windows, not access to any mac for making USB installer... Do you have any Windows based tutorial for installing OS X.. I am totally new.. and hundred of question are running in my mind...



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You need to get a retail Snow Lepard disk and a boot CD and start from there.


Ok Sir I am downloading snow leopard retail. I will tell you when I done something. Thank You

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