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Found 6 results

  1. Aviv258958

    Atheros AR5007 on Compaq

    Hello Dear Friends, This is my first post. But I'm not new, I have a Laptop (Compaq Presario CQ61) with the Following Specifications (http://h10010.www1.h...8492.html?dnr=1). I've been trying to find a Driver / Kext that matches my Computer for months, When I didn't found (last year) I finally gave up and Uninstalled Mac From my Laptop, This time I decided to Install it again and See if there Any updates on the Subjects, Unfortunately I didn't find Anything. I did found "AR5007.pkg" "AirportAtheros.kext" "IO80211Family.kext", But these Never worked. Now I installed those and I see theres a Wifi Icon says "Wifi: No hardwere detected", No Airport, Nothing. I tried finding Wifi with KisMac, Didn't find any, I've been researching this for Too Long alone, So I thought maybe here I'll get my help and I won't need to retire from Mac again, I just love mac Please Help me? As I said Above, these are My Computer Details - http://h10010.www1.h...8492.html?dnr=1 P.S: I got iATKOS L2, 10.7.2. Runing PdaNet with My iPhone provides me Internet for this time.. - Thanks for Reading, Aviv Amar.
  2. Hello. I am completely new to trying to install Snow leopard on my compaq. Currently it runs iDeneb 1.6 (10.5.8), however i would like to move up. Specs: CPU: Intel Celeron @ 2.16GHz (x64) {iDeneb says Intel Core 2 Solo @ 2.2GHz} RAM: 3 GB Video: Intel Graphics media accelerator 4500m Chipset ICH9M I'm unsure where to start... help please!
  3. Hey everybody. I know im pretty far behind in development but....i was wondering if there were any guru's that could help me out. My Netbook: Compaq 110c-1100CA intel N270 @1.6 2GB ram 300GbHDD Intel 945g graphics broadcom wifi I have installed the iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 and a couple of kext's that i found to work nicely with my machine. everything is set up but the ethernet (don't really care about that). Long story short i tried to install this and that app/program, nothing worked, told me i had to update... so i clicked on the apple at the top left, clicked software update hoping for the best. things downloaded, it said it was installing, about 2/3 done it crashes with alot of text in the background and i think with a semi grayed out circle, telling me i have to restart my computer. My question is... 1. Can i just buy a intel copy of osx, put it in my ext-dvd and install, then load in the kexts? 2. what happened with the grey circle telling me to restart, kernal panic? 2b. if it wasn't a kernal panic, what is a kernal panic? 3. if i can update my current config, what would be my best plan of action, removing kexts, and updating? or fresh install + update then install kexts. Tl:dr i feel like im using a windows 98 machine help! Also, if there is anyone out there that needs help with this specific laptop model ill be sure to try and help you out as much as i can. hopefully i can create a guide for this specific model.
  4. I wish to build a Hackintosh on my Compaq Presario CQ50-130US and have no idea how. I am excellent with windows machines and dont have $2k to fork up for a apple machine. The only purpose for this is so I can become used to a Mac. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Hello. I've successfully managed to install Mac OS X 10.6 on my Compaq Presario SR5505F PC, and upgraded all the way up to 10.6.4 without any issues. However, when I try to upgrade to 10.6.5 or any version higher, problems start. I've replaced the suggested IOUSB files (I don't know the full name off the top of my head), and when I boot up after the upgrade and file replacement, the screen turns all weird on me.... It becomes extremely pixelated, with random pixels running in an upward vertical pattern (looks like a crash to me). When I re-installed and did this again, I didn't replace the file (the one mentioned above, to get USB working) and the desktop loaded just fine.... So I'm lead to believe there's a problem with that file? Unfortunately though, that stops my keyboard and mouse from working... and I don't have any PS2 or whatever it's called kind of keyboard or mouse to use as an alternative I havn't replaced any kexts or used any utilities at all, aside from ##### to only "fix" the USB issue. All my hardware and everything works perfectly on 10.6.4 without any special installs or anything, aside from graphics being in low resolution. My computer has all the standard, base hardware the Compaq Presario SR5505F model comes pre-built with, aside from my own upgrade to 4 GB of RAM and a new AMD Radeon HD 5450 1GB Graphics Card. Again, everything works beautifully on 10.6.4 aside from low resolution graphics, and I would REALLY love to upgrade to higher versions, all the way up to 10.6.8 if possible. Because of my computer model, there was never any AHCI options in my BIOS settings, but I'm able to boot into Snow Leopard just fine... But really, please help? I can boot into Safe Mode without any problems at all. I'd REALLY appreciate help! I'm absolutely in love with Mac OS! It runs amazingly well on my PC. It runs incredibly smooth, applications open instantly, everything is quickly responsive. And Mac OS by far runs better than any OS I've previously installed on my PC. Hope someone can help me!
  6. Hi I have HP Compaq Presario B1200 laptop. I want to install iATKOS L2, please help me. I tried but some stime setup hangs on Apple Logo. Sometime on boot blackscreen. Sometime installation complete but on restart it again hand on logo. Thats all i know.. Hardware. Core2Duo 2GB RAM 160 GB hard 360 MB graphic card. Thanks in Advance.