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Thanks for the utility, very helpful. I have a question. Can i extract the HFS partition from ISO file? I got an OS X iso and i'm wordering if i can extract the OS X installer from it.

Hi, You can play with 7z.exe archiver to check your ISO file.



Can I somehow use this with easy2boot?

What are your problems?

Antivirus tells me that BootDiskUtility.exe has a TR/Dropper.gen and is blocked?

Downloaded from your website


If the software is downloaded from a trusted source and its checksum matches the statement - it is completely free of viruses.


Unfortunately, most Antivirus companies goes too far with their Virus/Trojan protection, and in many times they classify completely legit software as Virus/Trojan infection.


But score 61 vs 4 for BDU in virustotal.com - not so bad.


Good Luck.

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any program updates ????

Hi All!

You can work perfectly with the BDU v2_184b and then simply update all the boot files from the last Clover distribution manually.


After I updated Windows 8.1 BDU_v2_184b stopped to work

Check for false positive your antivirus software, BDU works under Windows 8.1 properly.


Could you please add the option to install to the main HDD's EFI partition?

On GPT disks do not need to rewrite their boot sectors, so you can mount the EFI partition under Windows and simply copy all the Clover boot files.

The easiest way to get access the EFI partition under Windows 7/8/8.1:

1. Install   title_light.png x86 | x64

2. Start it with administrative privileges.

3. Run from the Far Manager command prompt the following command: 

mountvol Z: /s

where Z: is a drive letter of your choosing.



4. You can remove the mapping with next command: 

mountvol Z: /d

5. If we have more than one disk with EFI partition, run from the Far Manager command prompt the following commands:

C:> diskpart
DISKPART> list disk
DISKPART> list partition
DISKPART> select disk <N> ; (N - target disk with EFI partition, 0-based)
DISKPART> select partition <M> ; (M - target EFI partition, 1-based)
DISKPART> assign letter=Z ; (mount current part to a Z letter, any free letter)
DISKPART> list volume
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REM This bat-file is making Clover Bootloader zip-dataset for using it with
REM Boot Disk Utility (BDU) by cvad: http://cvad-mac.narod.ru/index/0-5
REM from CloverISO-XXXX.tar.lzma package: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/files/Bootable_ISO/
REM (You need have installed 7zip archivator)
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CVaD, first of all I would like to thank you for your efforts!


I have a HP xw6600 with 2 hdd's and I would like to install Yosemite 10.10.3 on one of these drives. The other one contains Windows 7.

So far, I have Niresh Yosemite running in Virtual Box and tried to create a Clover USB stick with the Yosemite .dmg installer. My xw6600 wouldn't boot this stick (that had been formatted with the disk utility in OS X).


With your BDUtility, I have created 2 partions (Clover > MBR and Yosemite > HFS) and this one booted first time around with standard bios settings and even without option -7 (something I did't expect). I have checked the settings in Clover and my question is: what's the next step? There is a 'boot option menu' after the Clover menu, but I kind of stuck in this one. In one of the sub menus I see 4 'drives' or partitions, the first 2 of them are Clover and the HFS Yosemite and the other 2 probably my dvd drive and the empty hdd.

I hope you could point me in the right direction.

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I've had a look around but I can't find an answer that is helps me.


I'm almost ready to install OS X Yosemite on my newly built PC and have made a Yosemite-Zone Bootable drive to use (and then maybe make a 'real' Yosemite installation method once it is installed.) How am I supposed to go about making a yosemite zone usb with this? I have made one with transmac and then backed it up, formatted my USB in the BDutility so it has clover on it, and then restored yosemite zone to the second partition. It shows in the clover bootscreen but when selecting it is does not boot, just hangs on a black screen.


Have I done something wrong with this?

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