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  1. Same error. Using UEFI. Did a third clean install and nothing there still, during the setup it still says I only have ethernet or no internet access as options. Also tried using the kext posted above and still nothing.
  2. I've just clean installed, I'll try setting it up now, installing clover with your folder although your config.plist didn't work for me. I'll try this out, thank you.
  3. I'll follow that post from you. Trying to boot the usb installer left me hanging here for ages. It just added the line "bust timeout [0], (240s), kextd wait (0): 'GFX0', 'IMEI' I'll try your post out, so I need to make the usb installer, replace the clover folder on the installer usb with your folder, add the DSDT without hdmi and then I should be good.
  4. Should I be all okay using the clover folder you provided in a clean install? That's what I am doing now to try out. Just booting the USB now.
  5. Replaced the existing DSDT with that one. Will try booting and report back. Using that DSDT my hack boots, still no WiFi. I will try booting the installer using this config and see if a clean install works.
  6. I've tried 2 fresh installs now and nothing different. Press O while on the clover boot screen? I don't have any way of loading optimized defaults with this mobo as far as I can see. I don't have anything plugged in to the mobile for graphics and it is set to PEG. Edit: going for a clean install, booting from my install USB and replaced the clover folder with the one you provided. Although I think it is going to hang like before when trying to boot my install.
  7. Just tried that and it doesn't boot, it restarts after trying to boot.Now it isn't rebooting but it's hanging on this
  8. I'm just switching to windows to download these then will boot sierra again and post files. MSI Z97 PCMate is my mobo EDIT: Here is the file Send me iMac.zip
  9. It worked out of the box in my Yosemite install, but not now. I've tried it in both PCI slots in my motherboard and neither changed anything. Really stumped. My BIOS settings haven't changed since I had Yosemite installed last year so I'm not sure what I would even need to try and change there.
  10. As title says, my wifi isn't working, it doesn't show up at all. I have no option of WiFi in my settings panel. Everything else on my system works. I'd love some help if possible.
  11. r9 290 (non-x) yosemited help

    Will this work with the r9 390 as it is essentially the same card?
  12. I am 100% certain my BIOS is set up as it should be, I had OS X working for months before this mess up on my part. Could you direct me toward this if you don't mind? I have never seen Olarila mentioned throughout my couple of years researching hackintosh.
  13. To begin with, I had my hackintosh working on vanilla 10.10.3 and went to upgrade to 10.10.4, I crashed it all and nothing worked after. I had no install media kept as I had been safe for a few months. My system is; Intel Core i7 4790K MSI Z97 PCMATE Intel Integrated Graphics 4600 16GB Corsair Vengeance (2x8GB 2400MHz) 120 Samsung 850 EVO SSD TP-Link WDN4800 Wifi Card I know Vanilla is a better option but I can't get an installation USB, I made my first one by installing niresh and then creating a vanilla USB form inside there. I cannot get past the kernel panic that occurs and leaves the message "Debugger not configured. Hanging." If I can get it installed I will create a vanilla installer (much smoother in every way possible) but I need this first. I've been using bootflags /haswell -v -x npci=0x3000 igpenabler=yes along with some others like cpus=1 and debug0x100. I cannot for the life of me get past this screen http://imgur.com/HlgHYEWI am in desperate need of help. I loved my Hackintosh while ti was working and just want to get it back. Thank you.
  14. My rig is; Intel Core i7 4790K (using this for Intel HD4600) MSI Z97 PCMATE No Bluetooth TDN4800 Natively compatible wifi card I am trying to use Niresh 10.10.1 to install as I have no access to any real mac or hackintosh currently. Once I get this installed I plan to make a vanilla installer USB. Every single time I either get in to the installer or before that even fully boots I get an error "Debugger not configured. Hanging." It will just freeze, I know my system is compatible with OS X but I have no idea how to fix this. I have been using the bootflags "/haswell npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=No IGPEnabler=Yes ig-platform-id=0x0D220003 -v -x" and still nothing is working. I had Niresh up and running before just using /haswell -v -x but now it won't load at all. Any help at all would be appreciated so much. Thank you
  15. It is a touch screen laptop with bluetooth keyboard. Intel M series processor at 0.8 Ghz, 4GB RAM.