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I used to be such a fan of blue, but its been over done to death.


A nice red machine is hard to pull off, and you did a very good job! I appreciate the additional well-lit photos you took as well as an update with more system specs.



Congratulations! Well deserved to say the least, and I know this has been an ongoing/evolving project for you for some time now, which is the true essence of modding in my opinion. If it's ever completely done, your just not trying hard enough! :)

YES latest up date the Gigabyte windforce GTX670. works very well. needed DVD Play back fix from here. and a fix from multi thing for open CL to work. also got a DWA 566 Wifi card. only need a supported sound card like M audio delta 44 (i think) the idea it to get supported Hardware so

when i need to update i wont have to reinstall kexts again

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Bought a M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card works with Envy24 kext in mountain Lion 10.8.2

just need a waterblock for Gigabyte GTX670 windforce now


Well, from the looks of it you've got a variety of water blocks to choose from. I like Koolance & EK's product line. Aquacomputer makes a sharp one as well. I love the copper/stainless contrasting look. Here's a link for your to peruse through all of them:




enjoy... B)

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Christine as now gone to sleep (motherboard as dead) while fitting the graphic card water block, i think i cought the memory module hard as the fitting were tight

now the motherboard wont post. but ive just bought a gigabyte EX 5UD with full cover water blocks . hope it works when it arrives

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