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Using a VMWare OSX install and following this guide (http://thetecherra.com/2012/02/17/tutorial-run-os-x-mountain-lion-10-8-on-a-pc-hackintoshosx86-from-start-to-finish/) I am trying to install Mountain Lion on my Toshiba u405 s2830.


Initially I was hanging while it seemed to be recognizing my iLink Firewire, so I just removed the /System/Library/Extensions/IOFireWireFamily.kext file.


Now I'm still getting a similar error: While booting from the install USB I hang with a "Host Controller System Error" (see my crappy pictures). post-1019840-0-81910200-1339003020_thumb.jpgpost-1019840-0-80876300-1339003039_thumb.jpg


It looks like it is tripping up on USB stuff now with lines stating "Apple USB UHC", "Handle Interrupt", and without any USB fixes on Chameleon "usb hub fatal error".


System Specs:

Toshiba Satellite u405-s2830 (http://www.cnet.com/laptops/toshiba-satellite-u405-s2830/4507-3121_7-32906090.html)

Intel Core 2 Duo T8100

800mhz fsb

Mobile Intel GM965 Express




Legacy USB enabled (cannot boot to USB with disabled)


Chameleon Settings:

v2.1svn r1979

SMBIOS: MacBook 4,1 (Core 2 Duo T8100)

archi386 enabled

I've tried running various USB/other fix settings including combinations of everything in USBBusFix.


I've seen 10.7 installed on other satellite models near mine online, but I know I can't expect great compatibility.


Any idea what I should try next to get 10.8 installed? I know I will have ethernet issues once I do get it up and running but I can't get the installer going yet. My hope is to do the actual installation to another, larger USB drive I have (to avoid having to mess with my GRUB setup for linux, Win).


Let me know if you need more info. Thanks in advance!

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U try adding boot flag USBBusFix=Yes ?


nevermind, try on a newer laptop, seriously :( No point in trying to run ML with GMA 9xx. I have real mackbook with GMA950 and core2duo that will never run ML in any useful form. 64bit only OS and there will never be 64bit support for GMA9xx

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