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New iPods, iTunes, and iTV


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Instead of recapping all the things you've probably heard by now about Apple's event today, we'll cut straight to the good stuff.


Aluminum iPod Nanos. "Completely Remastered."

Improved iPods, with bigger sizes, cheaper prices, and a few great new features (gapless playback being the most notable).

New iPod Shuffles, in a smaller, easier-to-lose package!

New iTunes with new eye candy (and icon) and an improved interface. Oh, and did we mention Movies?

iTV. Check out Engadget's thoughts on the new product.


So who's elated? Disappointed? Indifferent?

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Everything looks great! I only have two complaints:


1- iTunes 7 looks bad as far as design. The functionality is great though.

2- The Nanos look WAY too much like iPod Minis. It feels like a retrogression.


I really want the search function for my 5th gen iPod. I hope it's available via a firmware upgrade.


Some interesting things about iTunes 7:


1) iTunes 7 adds album art to songs that don't have it. FINALLY! However, it isn't as good quality as that on purchased songs.


2) It directly rips off CoverFlow. You can now browse albums by flipping through cover art.


3) It rips off Windows Media Player 11's interface. It shows album cover and lists tracks beside it. (Surprise, surprise, who's a copycat now?)


4) The visualizer finally goes full-screen to adapt to your resolution. No more stretching!


5) You can select multiple songs and change all the meta data at once

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Already post this, but added more:


The Nano mutation to the Mini is great. The Min was so f'ing popular, when I got mine the lady at Bestbuy couldn't move from the counter cause SO MANY were getting them. Now you get a smaller, color screen, color outside iPod. Nice.


iTunes interface is fine, don't know what you are smoking (no offense, might sound harsh not meant to be).


iTunes 7 is DUMB when you comes to albums with multiple artists. So on my soundtracks, I go to the Album View and have 10 or more versions. WHAT THE HELL?! Stupid.


If they fix that, kick ass upgrade.

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I wasn't ever a fan of the nanos but the black one is sort of appealing to me now


I think I am gonna get an ipod shuffle within the next week because I like the size, being aluminum, and being a $20 cheaper than the old 1gb shuffle.


I am on my parent's computer at work so I haven't been able to download the new itunes yet.


I hope that the search function and the games will work on my 5g ipod so hopefully apple will fix that in the firmware update

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Also I noticed on all the songs that I don't have albums for, like I got them from friends, you know that list of songs from every album you can think of, just as a playlist. (everybody has them). Well when there is nothing in the Album column, there should be an option to not have a blank album show up.

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Personally! I like change! And this is goodie!


Itunes looks unusual now, and for some reason i really dont some to like it, but i will get used of it it!


but now the have a featured for automatically downloading album art! hurray!!!!


How long will it be untill some one starts a website with games for the new iPod firmwire! im sure it wont be long! But really, reinventing the nano? huh? what? no! basically its a new paint jobby! thats it! why dont they make something instead of improving! make and ipod with a camera or a radio built! drrrr~~~~~~!




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I LOVE all the new stuff today.


iTunes is great now. And I love how they totally ripped off M$'s WMP ;) . Good for them. I used Coverflow a few times, but hated it's lack of intergration.. so that takes care of that.


The new nanos look awesome. It is a bit of a retrograde, but a welcome one, as the mini's felt much sturdier than the 1G nanos. I love the black, though its ludicrous that its the same price as an ipod more than 3 times it's size, not to mention the fact that it doesnt have video... ;)

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Anyone tried the new software update for the iPods?


Is it bad that I can't wait for torrents of the iPod games?


EDIT: According to this guy, the update gives 5G iPods gapless playback, along with a few other cool things.



I updated mine (60Gb video) and the features I noticed are the brightness, the dim light while plugged on. I didnt test it much though...


Does anybody else is experiencing stability issues in iTunes 7?


Nope, everything's running smoothly on this side...

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