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[GUIDE] Installing Lion DP4 + GM Without USB(Video)

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The Biostar TP45D2-A7 v6.0 is good with 10.7.1. cpus=1 and ALC662,HDAEnabler & Applehda kexts. Asus mobos have the same bios to a degree so looking at modded asus dsdt's will give insight on how to mod for this mobo.

Hi I can't update to 10.7.1 the "software update" not find the update, I downloaded it from Apple's web the update but the instaler said "Can not install Update for Mac OS X on this disk. This volume does not meet the requirements for installing this update."


Sorry for my English

Yes 10.7.1 works. All I had to do was edit the Info.plist in the ATI5000Controller.kext. My Sapphire HD5750 1 GB GDDR5 works pretty much oob with Lion.


Copy your 10.7.1 ATI5000Controller.kext to your desktop right klick show package content open the Info.plist with Textedit and paste 0x68be1002 and save. Drag drop the kext to Kext Utility and let it finnish reboot and you're done.


Asus P6T-SE Mobo i7 930 cpu

Awesome tutorial, I am just about to start, only I'm going to do it via USB stick.

I just had one question about Lion 10.7, how is support on the HD4870X2 card?

Right now I'm on 10.6 with 1GB DDR5 and one core but it's fully working using a netkas exotic patch.

Will just using chameleons graphicenabler be enough?





**Nevermind will be trying this one! http://netkas.org/?p=926

Got it all working! Combining a bit of the other tutorial by MaLd0n(Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon).

As I accidentally deleted the DSDT and extra's from my USB! Am now on version 10.7.1


Asus P6T SE

Intel i920

Digidesign Mbox2 Audio interface

12GB DDR3 1066

Radeon HD4870X2 (Thanks latest netkas exotic patch and enabling graphics&ATI rom in chameleon)

Realtek ethernet working with kext from the tut.

Somehow can't get my wifi working, it's an apple type of wifi, Used to work OOB with all previous OS X'es, ordered from ebay, but I'll sort that out later!



I more or less by accident stumbled over a thread talking about problems with network. In that thread I read somebody used his old SL IONetworkingFamily.kext. I read some more and I realize I have the same Realtek 8111C on my older GA hack and network on that mobo worked out of the box with SL 10.6.4.


I copied it over to my new hack the Asus P6T-SE, trashed the RealtekR1000SL.kext from this thread and rebooted and network now is faster. Still not fullspeed but faster. I might loose sleep function but I dont care my hack never sleeps anyway I always shut it of completely.


Gonna check with the kext I have on my old 10.6.8 SL install for the Asus P6T-SE too cause when I think about it Im pretty sure it worked out of the box too. Probably will work the same but who knows maby I can increase speed even more with the latest SL kext.


Anyway thought I should share this since we are a few here with the Asus P6T-SE.

Edit: I fixed it! (I have 100 mb downstream and 80 mb upstream and a fast router and a fast switch so thats why I want my "home network" to work at its maximum speed)



All I had to do was open system profiler and change the network settings under advanced/last tab (under MAC-adress) to



-full duplex

-Standard (1 500)

(got a green light on my switch now same as in win lol)


Now Im getting really confused cause it seems IONetworkingFamily.kext from 10.7.1 works with the onboard Realtek 8111C network card, just tried it. First 10.7 Lion install I did I had to use the kext from this thread (RealtekR1000SL.kext) but I realized network performance compared to what I get in Win7 was very slow. Then I tried the 10.6.4 IONetwork.....kext and I got a little better performance and now with the 10.7.1 its pretty much the same but its hard to say. It still won't go full speed like it does in Win7 though I wonder what the heck one can do to fix it? I need the same performance as in Win cause I do a lot of screensharing with live video cams films etc etc over my network and broadcast it to jtv.


Anybody got any clue what to do? Thanks in advance


I have the Asus P6-SE mobo think I said it before but......


Looks like this is as close to an unmodified install as you can go, I only have fakesmc in extra now thats it. I don't even need and kext for my sapphire 5750 video card no more. And its a clean install no update.

Cant believe it this is the best guide of all and now I even fixed network for the Asus P6t-SE mobo for ya but nobody seem to care. Stillwinfan you rock man cant can really understand why anybody would wanna do it different cause this guide is all you need. Once you got it done and you got that Lion install partition just copy it to a USB falshdrive or make a DMG of it burm a DVD it and youre good to go fro clean install to a fresh HDD.

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I've tried every single guide I could find (including this one) but I always get stuck

at a screen where the following two images animate one after the other.

I have an HP Pavilion DV6187ea with Snow Leopard running (2 GB RAM and 64bit enabled).

Thanks for any help you could give in advance...



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Thank you very much this worked almost flawlessly on my Dell 1545 laptop and will be trying on my desktop later on today. Audio doesn't work but that can be easily fixed.


One thing i would like to know if anyone can help or have had similar problems is that the startup of Lion is really slow, a good minute slower than that or snow, and there are slight delays when i open folders/apps.


my extra extensions folder includes:





open halt…..


voodoo battery

voodoops2 controller


Would any of these kexts need updating cos they are slowing my system down?


any6 help would be appreciated.

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Hi all, pardon me. but i have try many way to install Lion on My MSI FX400 and still failed. I have try a Macbob Guide Installation, Tony Mac, XPC but always failed.


I stuck on dsmos has arrived on Macbob installations guide even I add some bootflag like PCIRootUID, GraphicsEnabler, npci, etc. still not work,

on tonymac installations guide no hope always restart,

and with XPC hang at MBRStart.


have any one some idea to install Lion on MSI FX400? sad.gif


My Specification's :

Proc : Core i5 480M 2,66 GHz with Turbo Drive Engine

VGA : Intel HD and Nvidia Geforce GT 325M 1 GB


HDD : 500GB


i use Install_ESD.dmg for installations method


so many thanks if someone can help me smile.gif

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I used the same procedure for Mountain Lion. It was all the same except that the packages folder was in a different location. I use the same Chameleon version und Kexts as for 10.7. Ethernet didn't work initially, had to install the RealtekRTL81xx driver and things are fine.




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