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  1. xEvanGz

    Toshiba NB205 Wi-Fi is Buggy

    right now it is not buggy anymore just still post just incase it happens again ill look back over here if it happens again
  2. xEvanGz

    Lion in my netbook=reboot.

    me to even using iatkos l1 it does this
  3. xEvanGz

    Toshiba NB205 Wi-Fi is Buggy

    the wifi on my toshiba nb205 is so buggy it connects normally on boot then for 30 minutes it says connected but when i go on a browser (chrome or safari) it cant connect. the only way to fix this is wait for several minutes than can connect. if you guys have a fix then just tell me. plus my specs are 1gb ram snow leopard 10.6.8 (running perfectly until this wifi problem occured) and of course intel atom n280 and intel gma950 which is what most netbooks should have
  4. xEvanGz

    [GUIDE] Installing Lion DP4 + GM Without USB(Video)

    trying this right now hope it works
  5. xEvanGz

    Mission Control on Snow Leopard

    would you send me a download link to mission control cuz i dont have time to download like 3 GB just to get one or two apps
  6. xEvanGz

    Toshiba NB205

    Please tell the mac netbook owner to change the compatibility chart for the Toshiba NB205 because he put sound and audio i/o doesn't work. well using voodoohda it works now. still experimenting with bluetooth so it could be the perfect hackintosh netbook like msi wind dell mini 10v and others and im also using mac os x 10.6.8
  7. xEvanGz

    hardware virtualisation

    is your processor AMD or Intel if it is AMD then it doesn't work cause you need a AMD kernel for lion plus 32 bit finder cause AMD can only run 32 bit in lion for now. If it is intel i dont know what is the problem cause i run mac os x on pc with intel and no problems
  8. My netbook just booted into 10.6.8 perfectly

  9. xEvanGz

    Snow Leopard or Lion

    Hello guys i have both a snow leopard (retail) installer and lion (iAtkos L2) installer. which is a better OS. I dont even know which is better because i started using a mac in leopard than jumped to lion on a real mac. i haven't tried snow leopard that long. i only tried for a week and there is no difference i think. so this is all i can say.
  10. my netbook wont let me boot into OS X any more :(

  11. xEvanGz

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi my name is Evan i hope to install the retail snow leopard on my netbook (lion if it works) and install retail mountain lion on my newly bulit i5 PC