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CrossOver mac alpha 3


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I just got an email form code weavers informing me that they released a new alpha of their mac version of the well known product.


I'm downloading it, and will post any findings.


If you are of the curious type here is the content of the email:

I'm pleased to announce that we have put up CrossOver Mac 6.0,

alpha release 3, for your testing pleasure.


This version has come a long way since alpha 2; the user interface

has been revised to (hopefully) streamline the whole process.

It should be the case that you can insert a CD now, and after just

1 click, have the Windows installer start running.


Further, this version should now install and operate all of the

Microsoft 2003 productivity applications, such as Office, Visio,

and Project.


Outlook 2003 is beginning to be useful, but only when connecting

to an Exchange Server, and only if you also install either Word 2003

or Internet Explorer (If you don't, you can't compose HTML email).


Some games may start to work, but you shouldn't expect much joy.

Games can't set their resolutions (or go full screen) yet, and most

games are surly about that. Half Life 2 looks very promising, but

at it's core, will not work because of a subtle issue with mouse event



Again, please note carefully that this version is labelled as

'Alpha'; that means we don't think that it's done yet, nor do

we think it's ready for wide spread testing. We have a lot

we intend to do before beta, including fixing games,

eliminating some crashes, speeding things up, improving the UI integration

a bit so that we always get easy to use icons, and a whole slew of

other improvements to Wine.


This version is completely different than Alpha 2, so you

*cannot* upgrade your existing installation; you must completely

reinstall. To do that, navigate to your home directory,

and move or remove the

Library/Application Support/CrossOver



I appreciate your patience with us through this process. It is taking

us much longer than we had hoped (or predicted). The glimmer of

good news is that we are making steady progress; it's just more

gradual than we had hoped.


To download alpha3, and to discuss the alpha and report your findings,

please visit:


Note that you will have to be logged in to our web site first.


We do ask that you file a testing report after your install, even

if everything worked perfectly (and especially if it worked horribly).

Please forgive us in advance for being slow to reply; a lot of the folks

that normally monitor those forums are travelling this week.

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Can anyone try the screen command (from terminal screen /dev/tty.xxx) or goSerial and connect to a Cisco router?


I swear this worked just fine, but Crossover borked it totally for me. I filed a bug report but haven't heard back. Nice update this looks like though, I'll have to try it since Office 2003 was not working well before. I also had a Crossover screen pop up at every boot which I found annoying.

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and what's the point of the news if this alleged beta3 when isn't available, closed beta blah blah insert some random {censored} here......... first post the torrent on demonoid and then the news next time


Because some people have access to this alpha (not beta or closed beta) and may have missed the email. For those that don't, they may be interested in following the development. For instance, many people found the Leopard features thread informative, even though the thread wasn't about pirating it.

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Got it off demonoid. Installed CS and was working perfect but the mouse lagged like crazy in cs and half-life forcing you to use only keyboad....

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Got it off demonoid. Installed CS and was working perfect but the mouse lagged like crazy in cs and half-life forcing you to use only keyboad....

I got it to install correctly, but when it came to using the programs that requested a CD... it didn't seem to read the CD after installation. Did I do something wrong?

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I played it with several applications as The Bat (my favorite email client), Multilizer and some localization tool: there are a lot of issues about file system management. The only game I launched by Alpha3 is Supreme Ruler and it doesn't start at all...


I'm still using Parallax for such tasks.

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hi there br0adband. I've tried usenet before but it never worked for me. could you please let us know how to get started? thanks!


There are two things you need to know:


1. get a decent newsreader program, Outlook Express or Thunderbird won't cut it when it comes to binary posts in Usenet


2. get a subscription to a decent news server, the one provided by your ISP won't cut it


Examples of a good newsreader are NewsLeecher, XNews, and Agent on Windows, or Unison, Thoth (now discontinued, but still very popular), or MT NewsWatcher on OS X.


Examples of a good news server are Easynews and Giganews. There are others out there but these two seem to have the best completion and retention.


The only other main tools you will need are good Rar and Par programs. For Windows, get WinRar and QuickPar. On OS X, all you need is MacPar Deluxe (it does both).

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