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  1. dtm3dd

    Break My File's Encryption

    Wow its been a while since I browser these forums . I am the developer an I will tell you that I can break those files. That head tag you pulled out just tells bitclamp that it is a bitclamp encrypted file as bitclamp files are extension independent. It holds no cypher information at all.
  2. To be honest this next version was probably penciled in from the get go. Get all the people who will buy it any way first off, then introduce a better version to get all the people teetering on the edge to buy aswell as making everyone who really wants the upgrade to buy a new version. But that could be a pessimistic look at it
  3. I like the update, mainly the hard drive, but you tube could be cool. Will be interesting to see how the interface pans out, searching could be pretty crappy without a keyboard. I think the hard drive upgrade has pushed me over the edge to buy one tbh. D p.s. - Its good to be back
  4. dtm3dd

    Aqua GUI for iTunes 7

    I like the dull metal of iTunes 7 but the scroll bars are just shockingly awful - especially when sat against an OS full of Aqua scroll bars - I think this is the most common complaint of the new UI and AquaT does a good job of fixing it.
  5. Do you know whos hack they used?? I seriously doubt they hacked it themselves!
  6. Lol - what did I get off Software update earlier - a Front row update....... with blue iTunes logo - Theyre on the ball.
  7. Fake - I think theyre on the right lines with a large display though. Apple always bangs on about how big and bright their displays are so I think they will have a nice large display on the phone.......... when it comes out.
  8. itunes 7 kicks ass! - Im intrigued as to why they went back to a blue logo (hint at the future of leopard). It looks awsome on my dock next to quicktime but when you fire up front row the logo is still green (obv) so it just seems kinda out of step which is really unlike Apple. The iPod integration however, is incredible! - its now all in one place and looks brilliant.
  9. lol - all movies (btw has anyone noticed JaS is here - Hi JaS nice to see u ) OK - hes now left :s Im off I think thats all
  10. Thanks for the info rogabeans - I will look into it - my iPod is Windows formatted so I cant update on Mac - has that now changed do u reckon??
  11. ah - the packaging makes sence, the nano wud be just too small
  12. Sync with multiple macs is just usefull - how bout syncing with my Mac and my PC? that wud be killer
  13. Cover Flow = GENIUS! EDIT = I agree with you Munky I hope he had a reward for his great idea
  14. iTunes 7 - thats good news - cos hey guys thats free and well all have it by tonight and its an immediate upgrade
  15. Hows about the true media centre mac??? possibility