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  1. Re-designed Apple TV announced

    There's a mini usb and Bluetooth support. How long until this baby is hacked and becomes an ultra cheap iOS desktop computer?
  2. Hyperthreading on OS X

    thanks nick. in XP at least processors with HT appear as two logical cores, and I think something similar happens in OS X EDIT: indeed, activity monitor shows two cores even with the Core Solo processor, thanks to HT. Any idea how to activate it? thanks!
  3. Hyperthreading on OS X

    hi there, I am using 10.5.4 on a MSI Wind with single core Atom processor, HT capable. The OS (activity monitor) only recognizes one logical core, as discussed in this post: http://forums.msiwind.net/mac/how-enable-h...3bac37c8988fd82 Is there something that can be done so OS X uses both logical cores, i.e., enables hyperthreading? Thanks!
  4. OSx86 Leopard and Dell E1505

    hi guys, I have a dell e1505 and been away for a while. has anyone managed to get DUAL CORE functionality? that was the main reason why I abandonned the effort... thanks!