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Update 06/04/2011


This are the cables Im making:





...and the cable in place:



They're about 70cm long, all-covered with black nylon braided sleeve, with the apple 18 pin connector in one end and standard ATX firewire, audio, USB, power button and led connectors in the other.


Each cable is tested before shipping. If your motherboard doesnt have on-board firewire (AKA IEEE 1394) you will need to use the inlcuded ground jumper.


Z68 and Z77 Gigabyte boards will need the included audio jumper to activate the front audio connector. Probably other boards will need this jumper too. Its just matter of experiment a bit with and without the jumper. 


They cost 25€ a piece, including traceable shipping and jumpers. Cables are shipped from Spain.

I accept Paypal or international bank transfer. Please make sure you add your correct shipping address with your payment.


If you want one drop me a message here in the forum! Alternatively, you can contact me through my page. There I also host pictures of some of my mods, useful links, etc



The cable is compatible with this front panel board (present in all G5 models except the "Late 2005" G5):


Apple 922-5979, 630-4805, 820-1560. PowerMac G5 Front Panel Board


Make sure you have a similar one (there are a few more serial numbers for the same board). An easy way to check without taking the board out is to look for the 18 pin connector on the board (black square conector on the right of the picture). This connector is visible without the need of removing the board.


The solution for those who have the "Late 2005 G5" cases and want to use this cable would be to replace the front panel board with one from an earlier G5 model. It fits perfectly as the case's holes for the ports and screws are the same.


Once you extract the front panel board on the late 2005 G5 you'll end up with this (photo by rekd):



You'll need to unscrew those two tabs/inserts, and then the old model board will fit perfectly. The G5 front board replacement (Apple 922-5979, 630-4805, 820-1560) can be puchased at ebay or some other online shops.

Hello BlackCH,


The first time I heard about APPLE connectors to ATX connectors wires was in a YouTube video http://youtu.be/4I_jdYHGGvo?t=5m51s

(very useful for all the G5-geeks).



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Black CH, 2 years ago I purchased a cable from you. Now I changed the mobotherboard where there is no 1394 or Firewire connection. How do I can power up my PC with your cable? Please advise me / give me the link your installation pdf.



Hello BlackCH,


I purchased your cable and now I change for a mobo without firewire.


No. You need to connect any ground from the motherboard to pin 3/4 on the firewire connector.



From the pdf 

-If your motherboard does not have integrated firewire on-board, you will need to connect the pin 4 from the firewire (FW GND) connector to the -GND on the power button connector.  



My question: do I need to connect only pin 4 to ground, or pin 3 AND pin 4 ?


EDIT: just pin 4

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Hello! I havent post in the forum for a while.

Yes, Im still doing cables but at the moment the workshop is closed for vacations.

We'll be open again at the end of the month

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Hi, I am going to make the case conversion from a Mac Pro case, not the G5, but i'm wondering if you do the cable. The I/Os are a little different but almost the same.


Thanks BlackCH

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I'm would like to buy on of your cable to adapt the front panel of a G5 but I've some questions.

I'm with a Gigabyte H77N-wifi which doesn't have firewire onboard, does it mean that It won't be possible to make the Firewire port working?

Thank you!


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On 2/8/2020 at 6:11 PM, desmopro said:

Almost a year later, but I needed it and couldn't find it in my mailbox, so I looked into my backups and here it is.



Hey, I bought the same cable from blackCH but I found some things I don't understand. First, does the led pin work with only 1 pin? my motherboard needs 2 pins (+ and -); second, how do I connect the jumper for the audio sense? The instructions say to connect pin 7 and 10 but pin 10 is already occupied by another cable... what am I missing? Thanks in advance :)

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