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Hi BlackCH, is it possible to have a complete cable's photo?


I'll put a picture as soon as I have the firstone ready. Im still waiting for some components

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Hi everyone,

Im about making a small batch of G5 front connector to ATX cables. So they will have the Apple 18 pin connector in one end and the standard ATX (1 pin power button, 1 pin power led, 5 pin USB, 2x5 Firewire, 2x5 audio) in the other end. The will be 60 cm long wrapped in cable sleeving and finished with heatshrinked rubber tubes. The cost of it still have to be calculated as I didnt buy all the components yet but I estimate to be around 20-25 euros plus shipping each cable. About the payment method: I wont take paypal unless the buyer pays also the commission paypal charges for reciving money (seems to be 3,4% + €0,35 EUR).


I'll be doing by 5 cables at the time



I would like to know whats the demand. If anyone is actually interested please PM me.





Today I recieved the most important components: 18 pin connectors


Hi BlackCH, I would love to have one too :(

What's the shipping for Belgium ? which is in Europe : a lot but exactly ?

And what if I want to do it myself ? where can I buy the connector ? I tried to use IDE cable but there is too much space between each pins.

Where do you buy the plastic connector from ?



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kool just ordered 20 connectors and 400 clips.. now to source some sleeving and heat shrinks and i'll be ready make some also.


Been meaning to do this for a while now (Stealth Mac demands it)


Suggestions for sourcing cable sleeving? does it come in a roll are something?

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I'm going to be making my first batch this week. If you're interested let me know.


The main problem with making these cables in mass quantities is that you have to have the right tooling. If you try and use a pair of pliers for the header connectors, you soon find out why no one wants to provide these. They are a pain in the a**. The Molex crimper for the 18 pin connector that goes to the existing G5 front panel board is $290!!



Can someone please tell me what is the best gauge wire and the best crimp pin to use for the 18 pin connector? I have all the neccessary items coming soon to me all I need to know is the best wire gauge, the supplier recommended 24awg copper wire can that be right? I am a newbie to all this but I will try anything once.


Any help will be much appreciated I am anxious to get going



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