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  1. Please send me a msg. I have a FX 5600 Mac edition that I want to add to my Gigabyte system. Thanks.
  2. Anyone have a solution? I'm trying to use this screen and the highest resolution that works is 1920x1080. 2560x1440 looks all bitmapped, its like the card can't power it. This screen is for my gigabyte hack with 8600gt. Thanks.
  3. I have a 2.5ghz quad-core G5 that won't power up properly. LED #7 stays red. I was considering taking it in for service, but I have too many systems. You can try to repair it or use it as the basis for one sweet case mod for a Hackinstosh. I've built two already! There isn't a video card or hard drive. I've repurposed those parts. The board still has 2gb of RAM and all the other internals. Message me if you're interested.
  4. Genius! Works on my D830 with 10.6.2.
  5. ROCKETRAID 2310 - 4gb ram

    Hi there, can you list the kexts you added? I'm thinking of getting this card. Thanks.
  6. I have the section of a G5 motherboard containing the back i/o ports. I was considering using it for my second G5 case mod, but I'm willing to sell it. PM me if you're interested.
  7. ASUS M3N78-VM LAN

    Audio worked via USB headphones, so I took a chance and bought USB speakers. I'm currently using a Z Cinéma 2.1 set and loving it.
  8. VT1708B Asus Help.

    Hi there. I can only get audio through USB headphones. At this point I'll take stereo! Can you post a link to your specific kext and what bios settings you have set? Thanks.
  9. Mac 10.5.7 in Asus M3N78-VM Successful

    Thanks for your help. I've managed to get everything working except for audio. My system's details are in my signature. A few questions... What are your bios settings? Are there any options you picked, but did not list above?
  10. ASUS M3N78-VM LAN

    I just used iAtkos v7 and almost everything works. Just researching audio fix.
  11. Time Machine seems to be working. It recognized my drives and the first full backup of 520gb went smoothly after running overnight. The problem I'm experiencing is Time Machine is attempting to do another full backup only an hour after it completed the last one. I thought it was supposed to do a differential or incremental backup on an hourly basis. My system's details are in my signature (HackPro Lite).
  12. I used the OSInstall.mpkg method to get 10.6 installed after trying USB and DVD method. A lot of googling and membership to 2 other sites and I got lucky. Audio works too. Hopefully next one won't be so hard! Being a sucker for punishment, I'm going to upgrade to 10.6.1.
  13. I get the same error as you did. How did you recover from the problem? I can't boot after trying a kext update.
  14. I burnt out two of these motherboards trying to use target disk mode with a G4 tower. FireWire hard drives have not caused me any trouble. I had the exact same symptoms. First time I blamed myself. Next time I realized it was the use of target disk mode. Nothing wrong with my rig. I won't connect another computer via firewire that's for sure.
  15. Got everything working, except for wired ethernet. Not a problem for me. Tried Chameleon again. Worked this time. Installed Dell Laptop Post Installer v1.3.dmg - step by step. That's it. Thanks for the PMs.