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  1. demik475

    G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Nice to know, I ordered one of them last week !
  2. demik475

    AMD 7970 Working With Full QE !

    Just to be sure, I wanted to check that by booting with the 7970 only. Chamelon went foobar : Wanted to updated it, but trunk doesn't build atm :/
  3. demik475

    AMD 7970 Working With Full QE !

    Yep, the 7xxx is strange, but : Starcraft II and Diablo III are running very well like "omg it keeps 60 fps on ultra", and the menu bar is translucent so :wink2: ioreg -l shows that ATY,Hamachi framebuffer is loaded, and this framebuffer see all 4 physical ports (DVI x2, DP, HDMI). I've included ioreg -l output if somebody is interested. I'm not using the sleep trick either. Just booted and bam, working. Having trouble with OpenCL though, maybe that's the part which is not loaded. ioreg.txt
  4. demik475

    AMD 7970 Working With Full QE !

    Hello, With 10.8.3, it's working without any DSDT / Chameleon tricks there : Note that i'm booting off the 4670 Ultimate and OS X switch screens after that (physical issues, the 7970 need to be in the bottom slot)
  5. demik475

    ATI 6870 and Lion "flickering" problem

    Does this happens only when the card is idling ? Try to keep running some 3D stuff (Stacraft / WoW login screen for example) and see if your screen goes black . This might be some idle ram timing issues, as some others cards have (like the 4670 for example)
  6. demik475

    Adding a PCI PCI-X graphics card to PowerMac G5

    The better I Got working on my old G4/G5 was a flashed Radeon 7000 PCI. You get a standard PC Radeon 7000 PCI (should be plenty cheap these days), flash it with a PowerPC ROM and it's all good. Radeon 9200 PCI was ok too, but it was more like russian roulette, some card working and some bricked. Radeon 7000 was success almost everytime. it's a been a while since I've done that, but I still might have theses ROMs somewhere. If I remember correctly, you needed Mac OS 8 or 9 for the flasher (So an older Mac)
  7. demik475

    quel distrib pour ma config

    Le E2140 est un core2duo castré (genre les vieux Celeron) de mémoire.
  8. demik475

    Configuration pour Hackintosh

    A part le pinout sur le codec audio qui peut être problématique (dépend du codec), je pense que ça devrait marcher sans soucis
  9. demik475

    Configuration pour Hackintosh

    Salut, Pour le moment la 6950 nest malheureusement pas encore supportée (pas de date en vue, mais pour le moment on est encore optimiste...). Le plus gros en ATI fonctionnant sous OS X est la 6870. La SoundBlaster devrait marcher avec VoodooHDA mais faudra mettre la main dans le cambouis Pour les ventillos, quelque chose dans la gamme de Noctua ou Scythe suivant tes préférences (celui que t'as choisi est très bien, sinon va faire un tour par là : http://www.clubic.com/materiel-informatiqu...ventirads.html) Globalement, bonne conf. Vu le prix de la RAM en ce moment, tu pourrais passer à 16 Go pour presque rien
  10. demik475

    ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    Confirmed with M-Audio 2496 and Envy24_SL64bit_0.22 on Lion final
  11. demik475

    M-Audio AudioPhile 2496, pci soundcard

    M-Audio Delta 2496 confirmed working on Lion 10.7 with 0.22.0 Installer. At least Stereo output is working fine. I gave up on AppleHDA patching and this worked out of the box.
  12. demik475

    Multiple ATI Cards Topic on Snow Leopard

    A quick note : Dual Quartz Extreme / Core Image is still a no go with 10.6.4
  13. demik475

    Multiple ATI Cards Topic on Snow Leopard

    Thats what happens here too. Longer boot time, mouse {censored}ed up on second/3rd screen, etc. Lot of hex dump from ATIRadeonX2000.kext in syslog too. Depending on your configuration, two identical cards will boot or not (dunno why yet) In fact you can run two identical cards. The problem is with ATIRadeonX2000.kext. if it's loaded twice (two cards), there is a lot of chance that you will get longer boot time, drivers crashes or mouse issues, even video playing hang sometimes. (It can scroll inversely, or at 4x the speed, etc...). I said it will not work with ywo identical cards because of theses issues, and because it's difficult or impossible to disable ATIRadeonX2000.kext for your second. But's with some work, you can get something . Anyway, thanks for the feedback, it's interesting
  14. demik475

    Multiple ATI Cards Topic on Snow Leopard

    Sadly, Yes :/ Feel free to try though
  15. demik475

    Multiple ATI Cards Topic on Snow Leopard

    Ok. Strange about Shrike, something is broken there. But if you got dual card + dual head working, it's a start. I will wait for 10.6.3 too So for the record, both cards ware working with Motmot, and a custom bootloader, 10.6.2, right ?