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Apple, Meet Windows


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X, welcome to the PC. I want you to meet my best friend, Windows.


WAHM! Windows kicks X out of his partition and into linux.


HEY! That hurt X says.


Windows says, I want 500 megs of free space put between me and X. I know how X and macintoshis can't cross in free space.


X says, that's okay, just aslong was Windows stops corrupting my partition. I keep finding those big and bulky and stinkin DLL files in my partition!





Authors note: I am aware that that wasn't my funiest piece.

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Oh oh... let me continue this story:


Get out of my Life, X. Windows says.


X breaks into tears and holds out a gun.


Windows say's DO IT. I dare you. You've always been a lifeless to me.


X pulls the trigger and commits suicide.


[Enter Leonardo de Caprio]


Maccaroni says Leonardo


Windows says I have herpes


[[[[ FIN ]]]]

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