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    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    Just noticed i don't have brightness control on my surface pro 3. Do you guys have it? How to attain it?
  2. MacSpaces

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    gkark. I installed yosemite on an scared and running it just how you mentioned. I need to find away to get the touch keyboard option in clover i lost it so now i need to have the keyboard plugged in order to boot either OS.
  3. MacSpaces

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    anybody got headphone jack working? also i lost the touch keyboard in clover boot loader. How can i get that back? Afraid to reinstall and lose it all. I have everything working just fine minus those 2 things. Running great of my sdcard
  4. MacSpaces

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    FYI. I updated to the latest version of yosemite 10.10.3 - I had to repatch IOSUBFAM kext but everything else works . Photo app is fantastic - If i can find the fix to boot to windows using clover I am golden for now
  5. MacSpaces

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    I need help. I installed yosemite everything is working fine minus the known "not workings" But I am having the following problem. 1. When i boot from clover to windows - i get the bitlocker recovery message. tAKES ME TO THE BLUE SCREEN AND i CHOSE CONTINUE TO WINDOWS 8.1 Windows does not boot up. It goes back to the red surface screen and the clover boot. How can I fix this? I did the hwole install clover to yosemite partition - I did not get a system folder but i did get an EFI partition and I dumped all the mentioned files from the tutorial there. I did not see a microsoft folder so i created it but it did not include the bootmgfw.efi etc files. (Can somebody share please? Also. 2. On my clover bootscreen. How can I clean it up. There are at least 3 entries to boot windows but when i click to see if anything happens all i get is a windows flag and nothing happens. How can I streamline the look? 3. How can i set it to where i boot to mac os x without using the space bar and selecting boot with injected kexts? How can i make it to where i click on boot yosemite and it takes me straight to the login screen?>
  6. Hello. I iinstalled iatkos 10.6.3 upgraded to 10.6.5 through the normal apple update software. Everything was working fine. I upgraded to 10.6.6 and my installation stopped working. So i redid the installation 10.6.3 tried to go to 10.6.5 and this time it did not work. Tried the samething but instead I go directly to 10.6.6 and nothing loads. It just hangs. And when it does move. I get a ntfs error something about not being able to load using default. The same message keeps appearing over and over again. But lately it is stopping here. Please somebody help me. I am learning ios code and i really need this to work. 10.6.3 works fine.
  7. O.K so i have the same motherboard. In chameleon I went and specified your dsdt file. I installed applehda.kext. Restarted. Under system profiler It clearly states my audio showing all the inputs etc. But under sound all I see is sunflower (2ch) sunflower (16ch). None of them work. Can you help me please? EDIT: actually i think i installed the patched kext. Anybody have the unpatched original applehda? If you do please share it with me
  8. Do you happen to have an alc1200? I can never get the darn audio to work in 10.6.4. My card is alc888. Mind sharing your kext please?
  9. MacSpaces

    ATI HD 5770

    I need help please. So i got the card working. But only my lcd. My connected TV is not being recognized. I followed the youtube video tutorial. Vervet method. What can I do since i got this far to have one port functioning? What do i need to modify to have display to two different displays? EDIT:NEVERMIND. I booted and now both my lcd and tv are up and running. But one question how are you guys getting sound? I have an alc1200 sound card. When im running of integrated graphics sound works. But when im running of the 5770 sound is not working. Under system profiler>audio it says high definition audio twice. Audio ID 12? How can I fix this? EDIT: SORRY UPDATING IT . I HATE ASKING FOR HELP WITHOUT TRYING OUT STUFF. I installed the text that was provided a few posts back t osee what would happen. I have no sound but now my id says 888. By the way im trying to run of spdif. I tried running of hdmi but nothing worked.
  10. MacSpaces

    ATI HD 5770

    Ok so I first installed osx86 10.6.3 using iatkoss3. Everything was working fine. But since i have the ati 5770 card my resolution was low. I followed the instructions currently present on osx86 wiki for 10.6.3 components. I added graphics enabler no and rich-386 to the boot.plist file. But now when I boot. I can see the apple logo. B ut when it is supposed to boot into the desktop I get a black screen and my moon itor goes to sleep. Can somebody please help me. It appears that the computer is booting fine to osx.
  11. Awesome. I just scored an ati 5770 yesterday. Awesome news.
  12. I install my nvidia 210 i get no sound. But when I use the integrated video card sound works. After torubleshooting I noticed that the nvidia have an audio codec. So ithink OSX 10.6.4 is reading both but not allowing me to choose either. Anyway i can disable the sound on the nvidia card and work of my spdif built in connection? Everything works without the pcie nvidia.
  13. MacSpaces

    NVIDIA 210

    It is working perfectly. mirror activated results in a black screen but my biggest problem is ... When i am running off the video card my sound stops working. But when iunplug it and run my pc of the integrated chipset sound works. It must be the audio on the card. Have anybody encountered this issue before? Running of the nvidia 210 no sound, running integrated sound works.
  14. It works fine in 10.6.4. But the moment i actiavte a PCIE card sound is disbaled. But when i run of the integrated graphics it works. Any suggestion on how to fixt his problem?
  15. MacSpaces

    Snow leopard ALC1200 WOrking But

    When I run my PCI NVIDIA 210 card i loose sound. But when i run my pc of the integrated graphics sounds is working. Any suggestion on how to fix this problem? I have tried loading kexts (Applehda,voodo) nothing works. I go to system profile and it shows intel hd audio listed under audio hardware. So obviously is working but the nvidia card is disabling sound. Please HELP ME!!