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    Asus P5N7A-VM

    So has anyone gotten sleep to work with Mountain Lion and this motherboard? I have everything else working perfectly, but getting it to sleep is driving me nuts. Whenever I manually select sleep it shuts off the monitor and the hard drives, but fans keep going at full speed and I have to hard reset the computer to get it back to life.
  2. Bronya, it isnt that easy. I have followed your directions 4 times and each time it has not fully worked on a x1950pro 512 mb AGP card. As of right now, no one has the 512mb AGP version working fully. The best ANYONE can get is extreme mouse tearing on one screen. As of right now, no one has developed a way for the 512MB AGP x1950 pro to fully work.
  3. Now does that installer work with the x1950pro 512 AGP??
  4. I think the problem is that the AGP cards are not working nearly as well as the PCIe cards. I tried for several days to get my AGP x1950pro working, and I did, kinda. All I could do was get QE/CI enabled. I couldn't get it to recognize AGP instead of PCI, couldn't get dual monitors working, couldn't get mouse tearing fixed completely. For those reasons I reinstalled my 6600gt which is working perfectly. I sure hope that someone figures out how to get the sapphire x1950pro 512 AGP working, cause I would love to use it instead of the 6600gt.
  5. That is what I see when I open it up.
  6. I went and tried that when you gave that advice to another person on here. My configuration.plist already showed IOAGPDevice. I didnt have IOPCIDevice. There was nothing for me to change, yet it still shows as PCI.
  7. I tried your natit package for AGP, but it didnt really do anything for me. I am running a Sapphire x1950Pro 512 mb AGP card. System Profiler showed it as still running PCI, and QE/CI were still enabled. Also, the second monitor still showed as mirrored. I have found that disabling Beamsync and enabling quartz2d helps a lot. Also, I installed Mouse Locater which nearly got rid of all of the mouse tearing.
  8. Alright, tried all sorts of configurations. The best I can get as of right now with my sapphire x1950pro 512mb AGP is one screen with QE/CI and mouse tearing. What I CANNOT get working is resolution changing, rotation, dual monitors, and I cannot get rid of the mouse tearing.
  9. I have a Saphire x1950pro AGP 512mb card I installed by taking the ATINDRV.kext from the jcool installation and placing it in the extensions folder. Then I took the files Bronya has offered, except for ATINDRV.kext and placed them in the extensions folder. I followed the commands to repair permissions and rebooted and my card is working. As of right now, I have full support, although there is MAJOR mouse tearing and in system profile my card shows as PCI instead of AGP, and 256 instead of 512 mb. The system also seems jumpy and is no where as smooth as when I had my 6600GT working. It is a promising start, but there is a bit more that needs to be done to get this ready for prime time. I have attempted to install AGPGart, which stopped QE/CI from working. I installed Natit, which caused OS X to boot to black screens. I will be attempting to get this to work pretty much all night. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I am going to attempt to get my x1950pro up and running this afternoon. I sure hope it works.
  11. I cannot wait to try this. I have a Saphire AGP 512mb x1950pro with dual DVI. Before I install though, I need to know if dual monitors is working, as I have them working now under a different video card. Also, it would be great if someone that has this working could write up a step by step guide on how to get this working for newbies, and for people like me who would much rather follow directions than tinker for hours to get it working. Thanks a lot.
  12. oiasdas

    AGPGart + Titan/Natit

    I have the exact same problem, and would LOVE to see this fixed. There is a shiny nickel for anyone who figures it out!!!!
  13. oiasdas

    Finder restarts upon right click

    For anyone with a similar problem searching this out, here is the fix. http://support.smithmicro.com/techsupport/...lPTE*&p_li=
  14. oiasdas

    Finder Restarts Itself. [10.4.9]

    I have the exact same isssue. Its one of those things that is annoying, but I really dont wanna mess around and possibly have to reinstall everything all over again by messing with it.
  15. I finally got it installed, but now it kernel panics whenever I try and startup. Safe mode doesnt seem to work either, and neither does repairing the permissions. Anyone know what to do?