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Toast titanium universal


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Toast 7.1 UB works well but Spin Doctor UB (v3.1) doesn't work at all,

It does'nt create audio segments of an imported file because it doesn't recognize

audio file segments time beginnings and ends.... (always from 0 to 0)


Anf when you want to save a segment as audio file, SD says : no space enough on you hard drive to save this



So i use the 3.02 PPC release again, and in fact, the PPC soft works well too, just a little less faster

than the UB but at least, it is working !!!!


Hope roxio will post a fix to download soon, because his UB software is actually unusable ;-)


Do you have seen the same big bug too ?

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i'm having problems burning mp3 cds in toast.

when i play them back from the cd-drive in my computer or in my standalone mp3 dvd player, the songs play, but they play too fast.

this happens when using both audio mp3 cd and using data cd with mp3 files.

anyone else having this problem?

is there a fix?

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