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[How To] Finally ! Ati Mobility Radeon HD 2600 QuartzGL (1280x800) (CI /QE not yet)

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This method has been tested for the installation of Vanilla. (Retail MacOSX Leopard 10.5.6)


First of all 'hackmymac' and 'ipowertech' many thanks... This tutorial is built upon what they write.


USB installation methods. Installation requires:


1. A running MacOSX

2. 8 gb USB memory (minimum)

3. 1 CD (boot_132)

4. External USB keyboard

5. Leopard 10.5.6 retail dvd or disc image

6. From the following link to download the CD iso, cd boot-132, and burn. (I choose contains extra kexts)


7. M2600HD_Packs





Let our computer plug usb keyboard. We need its..

First, prepare installation's usb in working macosx.

Applications> Utilities> Disc Utility


Lets choose USB. Click Partition button. select 1 partition. Click 'Option' key and pressing the 'GUID Partition' option. USB name and press 'Apply' .


we need to transfer Leopard image from CD (or dmg) to USB.

-click 'Usb' on the left side of the Disc Utility.

-Click 'Restore' (right tab)

-Let us choose 'Source' to the original Leopard DVD, 'Destination' section choose the USB.

Uncheck 'erase destination'.

Click'Restore'. This process takes 30 minutes..


After we had prepared USB, start installation


Insert Boot-132 cd, and boot from its.

-Press 'enter' key when Darwin boot screen (boot: )

-Second screen select cd or harddisk. Here, the corresponding number of us in the media will be a boot being asked to enter. You will need to write 81 or 82. In this way we will have selected USB to boot.

Written against the screen USB name . we write '-v-x' as the boot parameter in this screen. . (-x command will enable us to see graphical desktop).


After complete your installation, restart your computer. (Note: ignore error message(if).)


** Important ** until we will install Chameleon Bootloader, should open with 'Boot-132' cd


** Important ** always unplug Installation's USB ****



boot from boot-132 cd..


**Extract M2600HD_Packs to your desktop. It include 3 folders (package_for_graphics_card, misc_pkgs, tools)**


Settings for Graphics Card: (ONLY QUARTZGL, NO CORE IMAGE / QUARTZ EXTREME, We will wait for ci / qe)


** Important ** This steps' order is very important during these packages installation.


'package_for_graphics_card' folder

1. Install ATI Radeon HD 2600XT AGP 10.5.6 - 10.5.x.pkg package. But do not restart.

2. Install AppleACPCIEC.kext and NATIT.kext with 'kextHelper' in 'tools' folder


Note: NATIT.kext is a key kext for graphics card. if you are going to try another drive will definitely need to reinstall this kext.


3. Install RadeonDump and RadeonHD.kext in 'RadeonHD' folder with 'kextHelper' .


- Reboot with '-s' single user


The opening screen are:

/ sbin / mount-uw /

cd / System / Library / Extensions

rm-R ATI *



System is switched on the screen resolution 'System Preferences> Display' you can set up. (1280 x 800)


Bootloader Setup and Extra Kexts


Install Chameleon-2.0-RC2-let r640.pkg in 'tools' folder . 'customize' section uncheck 'Extra> Kexts' (additional kexts later). However, at this stage not at reset. copy from extra kexts within 'tools' folder to 'Extra > Extentions' installed system disk.


Now we can boot from the disc.


** ** For QuartzCL


run OSX86tools program in 'tools' folder. click 'Enable / DisableQuartzGL' button. Follow the instructions. Reboot.


Misc. hardware


sound card:

install 'voodoohda.pkg' in 'misc_pkgs' folder



install battery.pkg' in misc_pkgs' folder '


Laptop keyboard:

install 'ps2.pkg' in misc_pkgs' folder


** This tutorial was written for the Toshiba Laptop A200 with Ati Radeon Mobility HD 2600. Device ID: 9581 **


I hope also ci / qe problems will be solved one day..

So in short would this work for other users that DON'T have a Toshi A200?

Or is this HOWTO **ONLY** for the Tohsi A200?


It's been known for sometime that the internal Displays have been working on ~some~ Toshi's for w while now.

AFAIK, Toshi use some other method to connect the "Display" that other OEM's don't.

Which is why most People with a Mobility Radeon or in a nutshell SOL.

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Excellent tutorial! I am grateful to you. I have my Toshiba A200/22i with iatkos 7 /10.5.7 working at full capacity. I was really graphic war and ultimately have 100% operational with quarz GL. Thanks for the contribution.


Think there is any possibility of being able to operate in extreme quarz the ATI Mobility Radeon 2600? I mean for video editing programs that request it. Thanks anyway.

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Neolo, I have a mobility 2400 HD (94c9) up and running QuartzGL + all res. (using ideneb 1.6 + radeonHD.kext + osx86)


Sorry for bad english, iam from Brazil.


Unbelievable! Can you write tutorial in steps? plzz ;) Are u sure that u have working internal LCD???

nimes, I have mobility 2400HD. I find same ATI Radeon HD 2400 AGP pkg and others kexts, but after all manipulations according your manual, I have same unchangeble 1024x768 & in system info: Kernel Extension: Not loaded

What's wrong?

PLZ help me, I gonna crazy with my card...


And how that guy dekobastos got working and wont say me how?

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I got my 2400HD mobility working with 1280x800+QuartzGL (simular to 2600HD mobility). Strange, but there no need to install any APG packages and NATIT.kext - MUST BE REMOVED, IF NOT - JUST BLACK SCREEN!

My instruction:

Remove all kexts like ATI****.kext & NATIT.kext too, and install ONLY RadeonHD.kext, RadeonDump, AppleACPIEC.kext. Reboot, go to preferences and change resolution to 1280x800.

nimes, I have mobility 2400HD. I find same ATI Radeon HD 2400 AGP pkg and others kexts, but after all manipulations according your manual, I have same unchangeble 1024x768 & in system info: Kernel Extension: Not loaded

What's wrong?

PLZ help me, I gonna crazy with my card...


And how that guy dekobastos got working and wont say me how?


Hi Neolo! Sorry for the delay, I have no time for the computer these days ...


Well, you must delete all ati x2000, x1000, related kexts on your /system/library, as well as natit.kext, aty_init.kext. Them install with kexthelper this attached radeonhd.kext. Repair permissions with disk utility, restart. (if hangs, reboot again. sometimes this driver hangs startup)


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You want to REALLY impress the community see if you can get the HD 2600 Desktop working on Snow Leopard! Doesn't seem like anyone else is stepping up to the plate.


Yeah, I have notebook Samsung R60 with damned 2400HD mobility and PC nVidia A8NE with 2600HD pro PCIE xD 2600HD really not working anymore after update to 10.6.x because no OpenCL support. :thumbsup_anim:

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Can someone reupload M2600HD_Packs ? please...

I lost my downloaded file and need to reinstall those kexts.




Can someone pleease upload these files again?

I have an MSI EX610 with Mobility Radeon 2400HD & AMD Turion 64x2

I tried so many times to make this work, but I couldn't. Now I see there are some people (looking at you neolo:) who could install and make the internal graphic card (the damned Mobility 2400HD) work without having to connect it to an external monitor.

Can someone please give some more hints as to how we can make ATI Mobility Radeon 2400HD work with Leopard/ Snow Leopard (anyone?)???

Thanks in advance :)

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