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  1. Neolo

    FileVault 2

    Maybe it can, but I'm not a clover dev to look into that. This is just the way I found it to work. If you have FV and you'll start update process, after regular reboot into the same partition, you'll see the update unapplied, it will be still hanging in AppStore. I believe the update files getting loaded into separate partition and OSX sets itself to boot from it, but since we have clover, it just throws us a regular boot menu, ignoring what OSX prioritized for itself. That's why you have to choose that partition manually.
  2. Neolo

    FileVault 2

    My EFI bundle attached, just to make the life easier for someone. Merged all the stuff from different forums. FileVault 2 capable with internal keyboard working (no need for USB KB to enter the password), no debug errors tearing the login screen. OSX update from AppleStore supported (if you use FileVault, after initial reboot during update, press F3 in clover and select "Install from Prebooter" in order to apply updates, second reboot - go to "FileVault from Prebooter").Replace entire EFI folder, run KextUtility to refresh the caches and reboot. Enjoy! Thanks to authors of those drivers. Tested on Xiaomi Air Pro 2018, i7 16 RAM model. neolo_xiomi_pro_efi_bundle_APFS_FILEVAULT2_ENABLED.zip
  3. Neolo

    FileVault 2

    AppleKeyFeeder.efi works for internal keyboard on Xiaomi Air Pro on a FV2 pass prompt screen, but I have some ERRORs output on a left side of the login screen, constantly going down. "ERROR LWSmcUINT8ForKEy smcProtocol->SmcValue failed for key "***" "ERROR LWSmcUINT8ForKEy smcProtocol->SmcValue failed for key "***" "ERROR LWSmcUINT8ForKEy smcProtocol->SmcValue failed for key "***" Also AppleKeyFeeder.efi seems breaks the trackpad and backlight control after boot.
  4. Neolo

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Actually NO, still locks up on PERC 6/i after some random access load, until I power reset it. It's not a cooling problem, but driver. Very unreliable. Such a frustration.
  5. Neolo

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Actually yes, remaking the cooling system seems helped, no mo freezes or degraded arrays. Thanks.
  6. Neolo

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Hi. The driver is great, but PERC 6/i with latest firmware on EL Capitan (latest as well) is freezes after some major file operations. Freezes for good, finder goes unresponsive so bad that I can't even do soft reboot, only power reset helps. When idle it doesn't freeze for weeks. Having 2 raids type 1, 4 sas drives 600G each, using release kext, nothing crazy. Changed drives back and forth, all drives are brand new. What is wrong with it?
  7. Neolo

    Gigabyte 9800GT Silent Cell -> HDMI (10.8.2)

    I just got HDMI working for my TV... accidentally on 9800GT Not fully but at least something. What I did: !!!! Upgraded to 10.8.3->Got headache with NVenabler->went in -s and removed it ->booted with GraphicsEnabler (My PC monitor was connected with DVI cable to HDMI port via HDMI to DVI converter, because I broke DVI port on graphics card) -> I decided to plug out PC monitor and connect TV into HDMI port with HDMI-HDMI cable (without converters). And voila, TV detected signal as DVI (1600x900 @ 60) and I can see desktop there. Major problems: - No sound, certainly (pointing on S-Pdif or HDMI in sound settings does nothing). - TV remains detected as my PC monitor, but I able to set proper resolution for it in system settings. - After reboot cable replugging with PC monitor+converter required, TV can't be detected itself. I think it's EDID issue, or TV doesn't send anything to OSX to be detected. Big step forward, but I need help to make it usable. Here is some photos attached. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. Neolo

    external DVI not working

    Maybe dvi port is broken? I have same thing, it just stopped gaining digital signal without reasons.
  9. Neolo

    Gigabyte 9800GT Silent Cell -> HDMI (10.8.2)

    There is 3 ports - dvi, VGA and hdmi
  10. Neolo

    Gigabyte 9800GT Silent Cell -> HDMI (10.8.2)

    Thank you for reply. I want at least video (sound I could attach via spdif separate connector). But why audio will never work? This card should mix it with using internal s-pdif connector.
  11. Hi. I desperately need to make native HDMI port (without converters) on Gigabyte 9800GT Silent Cell 1GB on 10.8.2 OSX, and this is very frustrating... This card has next outputs (from left to right): DVI - VGA - HDMI Basically DVI + VGA are works on 100% but nothing on HDMI (I can see picture there only when OS is booting, afterwards it disappears). I have tried next: 1) GraphicsEnabler = Yes : DVI - OK, VGA - OK, HDMI - FAIL (hangs OSX when plugged in) 2) GraphicsEnabler = Yes + UseNvidiaROM = Yes and \ or VBIOS = Yes + rom file in /Extra : Unable to boot, constant reboots (no matter what rom is used - native or from Mac 8800GT) 3) GraphicsEnabler = Yes + NVCAP = 04000000000003000c0000000000000700000000 (extracted from native rom): DVI - OK, VGA - OK, HDMI - No signal (screen on DVI flashes with blue background when HDMI plugged in, OSX not freezing) 4) NVEnabler: DVI - OK, VGA - OK, HDMI - No signal (no flashes, no react when plugged in) 5) NVEnabler + edited plist (added NVCAP and VBIOS Hex): DVI - OK, VGA - OK, HDMI - No signal (no flashes, no react when plugged in) I think NVCAP should be adjusted somehow, because I managed to get no freezes with extracted NVCAP and I see graphics reconfiguratiion when plugging HDMI cable but TV still prints "No signal". I assume it sends wrong signal on it and it needs to be swapped somehow by NVCAP but I don't know how. I saw a lot people where trying to get HDMI work on 9800GT, but all success with roms manipulating is drops on 10.7.x and higher. Extracted rom attached. Please help. 10de_0614.rom.zip
  12. Neolo


    Can't get HDMI on 9800GT with that.
  13. Bump. 9800GT Silent Cell. HDMI native port needed to work without any convertors. OSX 10.8.2
  14. Neolo

    [GUIDE] Cool'n'Quiet on 10.6.x

    Anyone have a problem with idle halting? I have AMD Phenom II X3 N830 on laptop, which when idle goes almost in zero... When playing music, it goes slower and crackling sound (moving mouse makes it play fine again). I don't have any C'n'Q options in bios. What to do? All stuff like idlehalt=0 in boot loader, NullCPUPowermanagement.kext, VoodooTSCSync.kext, VoodooPState.kext, cpus=1 - ARE HELPLESS.
  15. UP! this key is not working in 10.6.8!!! just results in nothing. I need it to fix AMD CPU + Shuttering sound on VoodooHDA. But why this key is not working any longer?? I tried few kernel but all the same.