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  1. Mountain Lion - DP4 - Install Notes

    Hi, Got everything working just fine on my Hackintosh : MB : Gigabyte X58A-UD5 Proc : Core i7 920 GC : 250 GTS 1Gb x2 (SLI, of course unactive on OS X) => using patched DSDT Audio : Realtek ALC889 => Using standard ###### kexts Ethernet : Realtek => Using RTL81xx from Lnx2Mac's I used this guide to create an installation partition : http://thetecherra.com/2012/02/17/tutorial-run-os-x-mountain-lion-10-8-on-a-pc-hackintoshosx86-from-start-to-finish/ Just changed the following steps : -> Did'nt replace OSInstall and OSInstall.mpkg -> Copyied mach_kernel from Install_ESD DMG to my install partition root -> Used this chameleon : http://www.osx86.net/view/2789-chameleon_r1997_-_mountain_lion_[updated_...html -> And add my Extra folder to my install partition root Evything works so far, including : iMessages iCloud Voice dictation (in my native language : French) Notification center QE/CI Sound Network One of my simpliest OS X install ever !
  2. Hi, Just seen that my SSD (A-DATA SSD 300 Series) are recognized as "Rotation" drive by OS X : Type intermédiaire: Rotation My SATA controller is : "Intel ESB2 AHCI", any idea where that could come from ? If it can help, i am running Lion GM, i tried the "TRIM Enabler" patch from there : http://www.groths.org/?page_id=322, didn't change a thing...
  3. Nvidia GTS250 SLI 64bits

    Yes but i have seen recently that more and more mac come with dedicated low/middle graphics cards (Nvidia 320 etc...), and their is an increase of the number of games available/ported to mac as the mac share grow. Maybe this will push Apple to improve game performance of their machine by supporting technologies such as Nvidia SLI and ATI Crossfire. If i remeber correctly, steve didn't want games at first on the iPhone, and now it's what push iPod touch sales, so i think they will come to it .
  4. Nvidia GTS250 SLI 64bits

    Ok, thanks for the reply. Hope someday Apple will give us that...
  5. [Solved] Quel carte graphique pour OS X 10.6 ?

    Merci ! Finalement j'ai acquis la config de alexcooltranquille (avec deux GTS 250 en SLI), que je fait marcher avec une EFI String et quelque mod DSDT .
  6. Nvidia GTS250 SLI 64bits

    I've tried a few games (Portal and Fable I), and the performance aren't great (Portal is playable but with low video settings). I think that the games only use one of the two cards (the one with the screen plugged in) and not the SLI. On windows the performance are far greater with SLI activated (run Mirrors edge with full graphics very smoothly). Is this any way of getting SLI activated on OSX too ?
  7. Nvidia GTS250 SLI 64bits

    Hello, I've just bought a new hackintosh with an Nvidia GTS 250 SLI in it. But currently the SLI only work in 32 Bits mode (with NVInject), in 64 Bits mode i get an kernel panic at boot. I can get in 64 Bits mode by disabling one of the cards. How can i get my SLI working under 64 Bits ? I really need 64 Bits because the driver for my ethernet card works a lot better in 64 Bits (speed are multiplied by 5). Config : 2x PNY GTS250 (1024mo) SLI Intel i7 920 Gigabyte x58a-ud5 2x64Gb SSD (Soft Raid0) Chameleon 2 on a USB Stick Thanks. EDIT : Solved ! Thanks to this guide : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=183349 Just followed the steps, google a little for iasl and gfxutil, and it work like a charm (64 Bits, QE/CI/OpenCL) ! EDIT 2 : Not completely solved... See below.
  8. [Solved] Quel carte graphique pour OS X 10.6 ?

    Merci pour vos réponses ! Je crois que je vais partir sur une HD 5770 . @alexcooltranquille : T'as config est vraiment intéressante et le prix à mon avis est tout à fait correct, mais c'est au dessus de mon budget d'une centaine d'euros ... Bon courage pour la vente dans tout les cas !
  9. [Solved] Quel carte graphique pour OS X 10.6 ?

    @ LoLL : Merci beaucoup pour la réponse, je viens de regarder et effectivement la HD 5850 semble bien . La GTX285 est un peu cher pour moi (à partir de 235 euros neufs), et cela m'embête un peu d'acheter une carte de la génération des 200 alors que la gamme 400 est déjà intégralement sortie... Je viens de voir que la 5770 est deux fois moins cher que la 5850 (http://tinyurl.com/2usfaa6), et se défend plutôt bien en terme de performance, de plus elle semble supporté par GraphicEnabler, quelqu'un à une expérience avec cette carte ?
  10. Bonjour ! Je suis actuellement en train de choisir ma configuration pour mon premier vrai hackintosh voilà ce à quoi je suis arrivé pour le moment : Core i7 950 Asus P6T (Non-SE, Non-Deluxe) 6 Go DDR Corsair Boitier ATX standard Cooler Master Alim 650W (pas encore fixé, dépend de la carte graphique) SSD OCZ Vertex 2 Series 60 Go Graveur DVD Lite-On iHAS124 Il ne manque plus que la carte graphique ... Je souhaitais attendre que les GTX 460 soit compatible OS X, mais vu que Apple à récemment mis à jour sa gamme, il y a de faible chance pour que ce modèle soit supporté avant un bout de temps Je cherche donc un équivalent à la GTX 460 qui soit totalement compatible avec OS X 10.6, Full QE/CI, Résolution, 32/64 Bits, et dans le même ordre de budget (200 euros). J'ai une très mauvaise expérience avec ATI (je suis actuellement sur une HD 2600 Mobility), avec des problème de stabilité sur Linux, l'écran interne de mon écran qui ne marche pas sous OS X etc... De plus certain "goodies" de chez Nvidia tel que la stéréoscopie ou PhysX me semble vraiment intéressant. Néamoins je suis ouvert à toute suggestion, et à tous vos retour sur vos propres config . Merci d'avance EDIT : Finalement j'ai opté pour un SLI de GTS 250, pour le faire fonctionner je me suis aider du guide de aquamac dispo ici: http://aquamac.proboards.com/index.cgi?boa...=569&page=1
  11. Introduce yourself.

    Hi everyone, I'm french so apologize for my poor english... I'm a student in an engineering school near Lille. I've been in the hackintosh for a while now, and i'm currently running 10.5.8 on my Toshiba A200-13M on an external sceen (no support for 10.6 or internal screen in 10.5 for my graphic card ..). I planned to build my very own hackintosh in a short while . Nice to meet you all !!
  12. ATI Radeon HD 2600 on Snow Leopard

    Thanks for the reply, but OpenCL didn't replace QE/CI, OpenCL is a technology that let the system use the graphic card instead of the CPU to compute complex calculation. If you look at 10.6.0 HCL (http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...10.6.0#NVIDIA_2), you will see that some card have QE/CI (2D and 3D Hardware acceleration), without OpenCL. So that's right that HD2600 doesn't support OpenCL, but it didn't mean that they can't support QE/CI on snow leopard. Moreover, HD2600 mobility and HD2600 are the same card with little differences, i have a 2600 Mobility, and i used the 2600 desktop driver on Leopard, the only thing that didn't worked was the internal screen, because mac and pc version of the mobility doesn't use the same connector for the internal screen, so the mac driver didn't find the internal screen. But it worked full QE/CI and resolution change using an external screen on the VGA port. So the question remain, why these card won't work on Snow ?
  13. Thank for the feedbacks ! @mac09hack : After reading your post, i tried to put together a different build (only the mobo and proc) using 1156 chipset. (Sorry for the french prices) -GA-P55-UD4 (162 euros) -i7 860 (246 euros) Total => 408 euros And here the 1366 build : -Asus P6T (170 euros) -i7 930 (269 euros) Total => 439 euros The two builds have similar performance, but the i7 930 is more overclockable. The price difference isn't so big between the two builds (only 31 euros => 40 dollars) The most annoying part is the "futurproof" concern. Intel seems to still care for the X58 plateform, as they released the i7 980X,970 on it recently... But i agree that those processor cost 1000$, and there is no guaranty that Intel will release new and more affordable model on it in the future... @phee : Thanks, If i go for the x58 build, i will look for this mobo (rev 1.0) on the internet , i hope i can still find it somewhere...
  14. Can someone with an Asus P6T tell me if its well supported ? I think i will buy it but i want to be sure that i will not have major issues with it... Thanks !