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  1. Clover and multiple disks/OS versions

    Please excuse me for reopening this old topic... Can clover use config.plist per OsX version ? Real example/problem: I have installed Sierra (disk0p2) and Yosemite (disk0p3) on HDD and the machine boots UEFI to one clover partition (disk0p1) Now, Sierra to boot needs the flag nv_disable=1 because the GPU (Geforce 520) doesn't let Sierra boot... The Yosemite boot without problem... What if i need to set that flag only to Sierra (10.12) in config.plist... ? The project could have some "overide" in some manner... is it? Best regards.
  2. I've registered on the applelife russian forum and downloaded from them the M2600HD_packs file. So i re-up to this forum. Best regards. M2600HD_Packs.zip
  3. Can someone reupload M2600HD_Packs ? please... I lost my downloaded file and need to reinstall those kexts. regards.
  4. Great tutorial ! Finally i got my toshiba A200-21T with the real resolution - great job. Thanks!
  5. I just say 5 Great Stars !!! Works on my Audigy2 Platinum. Keep going with this great job.
  6. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Great driver - ApplePS2kexts_10.5.6.ready.zip It enabled TOSHIBA A200-21T Keyboard AND Touchpad, without any modification - only chmod/chown like in linux space... I can also use, without problems, the external USB keyboad and mouse at the same time (used to be the only "choice" i had)... Great job.