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    [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    //--------------------------- Could you please post a step by step procedure in running lion on virtual box please. I want to run on virtualbox too... Im using a mobile phenom 2 processor and ive been running 10.6.7 for almost a year now with vmware.
  2. jamdownian

    Enabling QE/CI for ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200?

    This is for people who have Mac osx 10.6.8 and up on HD 4200 and need Proper resolution... 1..... download these 10.6.7 files Apple 10.6.7 kext 2..... download kext utility and install the above kext.HERE ... if you have this already just skip. 3..... Install this kext again.. HERE Note this does not provide QE/CI just resolution fix for people who have OSX 10.6.8 and Lion...
  3. jamdownian

    Request for MacOSX10.7.sdk folder from Xcode 4.1

    Good luck.... glad there are people out there that keeps amd working.
  4. jamdownian

    Ati Radeon HD 5650 on Lion 10.7 with CI/QE

    Can i get Chimera 877 source please, the Source that i have is rev.1259. I want to recompile my own boot file...
  5. jamdownian

    Ati mobility Radeon HD 4250

    The HD 4250 is not supported, nobody will answer this post. That's why I'll answer. The HD 4200 and HD 4250 with device id 0x97XX1002 will not work. Maybe you can try the Dong's Framebuffer kext that allows my hd 4200 (device id 0x97121002) to work with Proper resolution on osx Snow Leopard 10.6.7 but not QE/CI. So i cant watch videos or use Preview.. My Laptop is the Toshiba A665D-S6091 with HD 4200m and 5650m. The 4200 is not allowing me to boot into the 5650m.
  6. jamdownian

    Dual GFX card in laptop Dilema

    My laptop is a Toshiba a665d-s6091 with dual gfx card.. 1..Battery mode uses ATI HD 4200M --- dev id 1002_9712 2..AC mode uses ATI 5650M --- dev id 1002_68c1 I got the 5650m to work but it keeps booting into 4200 even when i'm plugged in. The big problem is that there is no bios option to allow me to turn off the ati 4200M. Is there anyway to just boot the ATI 5650m. PLEASE HELP it would really be appreciated...... More info.. I'm using rc5 r780 boot and on over that results in ATI posted error... Im using the following boot options.. anything other that this results in the kext not working...
  7. jamdownian

    Enabling QE/CI for ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200?

    Ive tried alot of ways... I tried the RadeonHD.kext and it only changes resolution but no QE/CI... 1..So i tied a little experimenting.. I tried dumping a rom and using the UseAtiROM chameleon command and i still doesnt work. 2.. I tied putting the device id in the 4600 kext but it doesnt work.. I can see that the res if correct but the screen blacks out in seconds. 3. ATY_INIT identifies it has Megalodon so I tied using the following commands with the ROM. And it still doesnt work... BOTTOM LINE QE/CI is not available on Mac... HERE is the radeon kext that i used... See in attachments... RadeonHD.kext.lebidou.zip
  8. jamdownian

    Best installation guide for AMD

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=253767 Thats all you need....
  9. jamdownian

    Ati Radeon HD 5650 on Lion 10.7 with CI/QE

    @ Dannii.. my bad. I saw it in your signature. Thanks for the help but this method doesnt work on my Toshiba a665d-s6091 with hd 4200m and hd 5650m switchable cards...
  10. jamdownian

    Ati Radeon HD 5650 on Lion 10.7 with CI/QE

    Could you post your machine specs..
  11. jamdownian

    Ati Radeon HD 5650 on Lion 10.7 with CI/QE

    I know its lion but can someone try it on 10.6.X with amd system...
  12. jamdownian

    Finally QE/CI on Mobility 5650!

    The problem is that it keep saying Video card posted... Im using a Switchable label of hd 4200m and 5650m...
  13. jamdownian

    ati mobility radeon 5650

    after reading alot, i figured out that its acer dependent. I got a toshiba with switchable hd 4200m and 5650m graphics card....
  14. jamdownian

    ati mobility radeon 5650

    Post your method please...